Is there a baby on the way?

Gosh, I can't believe it has been so long since I last wrote something. The more I read that a budding writer must get into the habit of writing something, anything, every single day, the more my psyche resists such a notion. How can anyone write just for the sake of writing? Why make writing a... Continue Reading →

No Walls: No courage = No Victory

RE:  Richard  Armitage, British Actor @RCArmitage Dear Richard, It is of course your absolute right to choose what to write and what to delete on your timeline and I would always respect your choices and freedom of speech or lack of it, just as I hope others respect mine. I feel compelled however to express... Continue Reading →


Our holiday certainly got off to a very interesting start. Approximately 10 hours after our wonderful but altogether spooky encounter with Martin Freeman at Heathrow airport, we touched down on North American soil, and what a soil that is. It saddens me greatly that having witnessed such glorious landscapes and communities with such diverse and heroic... Continue Reading →

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