Unprecedented levels of toxicity in the air

Anyone else finding it hard to breathe these days? The air is acutely oppressive with the toxic fumes of impending doom and the numbing stench of deceit, pride, hypocrisy and bigotry. I am trying so very hard to keep upbeat at the moment, if nothing else, for my children’s sake, both of whom currently have considerable challenges of their own to navigate through, as have I.

I have not been able to write in months, but I need to exfoliate these dead layers out of my soul before they contaminate the hope and joy of the generation that pushes behind me. The question that keeps popping up in my mind though is what are we all navigating towards? What the hell is this incessant striving and ongoing battle against each other and ourselves all about? The point of experiences is surely to learn lessons, to grow, but life feels like a pointless journey where throughout history  humanity needs to constantly make the gravest of mistakes in order to keep relearning the same lessons over and over again. My existence, and I am sure thousands of others’, feels very much like living in a world which is a broken record. We are not navigating towards anything but simply running through the one and same circle. As the world spins, we spin round with it. The mouse and the wheel? Now you get the picture!

We work hard, we love hard, we forgive hard, we fall but we get up to be tripped up again. Only, with each new fall comes more debilitating injury as our strength and hope ebb away when we begin to realise no matter how hard we strive, how passionately we fight, there will always be yet another mountain to climb, or rather another crevice to fall into til the very end of our life, because of the mere fact that we live. That is what living is, isn’t it?

During the former years we learn from our elders to equip ourselves with the tools, the weapons to engage in battle for the rest of our life against ourselves, each other, our demons and our circumstances. Only, in today’s world we are all heavily invested in fighting the rest of the planet as well. It all seems to have become a global conflict between them and us. Think of any distinguishing criteria between human beings, and then choose which side of the line you will stand on. There is no longer a middle ground. You are either in or you are out. No dialogue, no debate, no discourse, no compromise and most certainly no tolerance. Social media has cocooned us all into our own little righteous worlds, our pedestals of self worship and we have all finally forgotten how to properly socialise, communicate; we’ve simply forgotten how to be human. The irony of what social media has done to societies is just too monumental to contemplate further. The frantic technological progress has ironically made humanity regress thousands of years of evolution back to the dark ages where the survival of the strongest was and is once again the one and only life pursuit and meaning, tinted with a callous and primitive disregard for the needs and pain of others.

Today I am struggling to breathe!

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