No Walls: No courage = No Victory

RE:  Richard  Armitage, British Actor @RCArmitage

Dear Richard,

It is of course your absolute right to choose what to write and what to delete on your timeline and I would always respect your choices and freedom of speech or lack of it, just as I hope others respect mine. I feel compelled however to express my deepest sadness to learn this morning that you have also deleted the very first tweet you sent to Mr Trump with the images of the Berlin wall and the #nowalls tag.

When I ponder on the Annals of History, I always end up with the same reflection: How many awful trends, atrocities and human suffering could have been avoided if only more people had been courageous enough to make their voices heard in the face of evil, greed and pride? I often imagine myself living in those episodes of history and try to honestly gage what I would have done in those situations; what I would do now, if a similar situation arose. This is a mental exercise I do often to pluck up the courage to speak up when I know it matters; when I know it counts. It is scary and it comes at a price, but I am not here to win a popularity contest. Life is too precious, too exquisite to simply settle for that. I guess, I do what I’d call a “John Proctor” drill. God knows this world is becoming an increasingly hostile place and the time may well come again for all of us to make such impossible choices.

I feel we are very much on the onset of such a situation, but as in previous chapters of history, for so many of us our attention is focused on all the wrong things, the trivial things, things of no real consequence to the wellness of humanity and this world in general. So many of us have become complacent and voyeurs in others’ lives whose reality is so much worse than our own and yet, we often dismiss it as not our problem. It is their life it affects after all, not ours.

The whole world is watching, because the whole world is looking for answers, the right answers. In a world where social media has such predominance and worldwide reception, it seems to me it is the optimum platform to make some waves which in turn create bigger waves that ultimately can pulverise some of these issues threatening the very delicate balance upon which our world stands today.

I was so elated when I saw you tweeted that hashtag to Mr Trump. It gave me hope that things can change; that there are those like yourself who act on their sense of responsibility to the wellness of those beyond ourselves, responsibility to stand up and be counted as another voice who is prepared to risk everything for a reality so much bigger than our own, and yet so intrinsic to our own. It blew me away to learn that someone of your popularity and following would have the courage and character to stand up to Mr Trump and speak up. After all, when I do so, I am not really risking all that much, or at least not yet, but for someone like you, there is much more at stake. The ripple that your wave will create is multiplied by the thousands, whilst mine may initially have some impact but soon dies away.

There are so many youngsters and adults even who wait by your side every single day, virtually anyway, to hear what you have to say or not say. So many completely at a loss as to what to make of what they see in the news and in their towns, on their doorstep. So many seeking direction from voices like yours, voices which belong to individuals that are already placed in a strategic spot to be able to change the course of events, to influence through their gifting, their work, their mere presence, the very fabric of history.

Perhaps I am mistaken and the ripples that your tweet to Mr Trump created are not as powerful as I believe them to have been, but I am certain that the effect of you taking that tweet down will be monumental. I fear that it will take the wind out of the sails of those who are inspired by and aspire to emulate the behaviour of the people they see as role models, exemplary, trust-worthy. Not to mention that Mr Trump’s following and anyone who is watching will regard it as a retreat. Another battle won. Let’s go on our merry way to win the whole war.

I do not sit here in judgement. How could I? I know nothing about your circumstances besides what we read in the media and what you put on twitter. You obviously have your reasons for your change of heart. I am no one to judge you one way or the other. As I said at the beginning, it is your absolute right to do as you will. I simply wanted to share my sadness this morning as one of the thousands of people who are inspired by your character, integrity and moral and social conscience, that you have retraced your steps on what I felt in my heart to be a gigantic leap of courage and extraordinary behaviour in this current climate of self-exultation, self-absorption and self-glorification, qualities which Mr Trump is the true champion of.

With my love always,

Mercedes Underwood


6 thoughts on “No Walls: No courage = No Victory

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  1. I no longer vote, but I do look at both sides of the argument, especially since I live in Southern California. Wall? No wall? Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Some other politician? None of these will halt America’s slide into a cesspool filled with our sins. Our only hope is to repent.

    1. Thank you for your comment Larry and welcome back. I too look at both sides of any argument, but perhaps this is a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. What is not an option for me is to do nothing, to say nothing. I think we all know that leads nowhere. I’ve missed your input on this blog. Hope you and your family are keeping well. Love, Mercedes

  2. Love your post, as always. I do not think that Mr. A took his tweet of the wall down because he had a change of heart, or changed his mind, or retreated. He did replace it with the giant ‘Walls’ ice cream cone. Which also visually illustrates his meaning regarding an even higher wall is as ludicrous as a giant ice cream cone. I don’t really know why he takes tweets down. Maybe to stop getting replies to them before his twitter feed blows up? I have no idea what his thought process is on taking them down. lol. I too am sad to see it go though. It was beautifully done, the picture choices were beautiful and meaningful. But again, I don’t think it was a change of heart on his part in any way. He seems to be slowly wading into the waters of expressing his opinions and I too am glad of that.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for popping by again and for your kind comments.

      Richard deleted his tweets to Mr Trump and subsequently went on to make the same point but with the major difference of not tagging Mr Trump. That for me speaks volumes. To tweet a #nowalls hashtag with that picture of the memorial house means a lot but risks nothing; to send a similar thing directly to Mr Trump is an altogether completely different move. To do such a bold move in the first place and then go on to take it back, well, what can I say? Whichever way you look at it or try to explain or justify it, the end result is the same, just as devastating. What good is expressing someone’s opinions in such weighty and solemn matters if within the space of hours we remove all evidence that we ever expressed such opinions? It is in a way what Mr Trump himself does from what I read. There is so much riding on this. It is such a pity!
      I was thrilled to see he removed one of the tweets to Mr Trump where he tagged Ms Forbes and was having a joke with her about the Vegetarianism issue. It was inappropriate to mix the two and be so light-hearted and humorous about a sobering issue that will affect millions of lives in such detrimental ways, but then to also delete the original tweet to Mr Trump, just shook me to the core. You can’t be “almost disapproving” of Mr Trump just as you can’t be “almost vegetarian”. Nobody who sits on the fence of even a non-existent wall can have any lasting impact in society.

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