Narcissism in the Pulpit

I am deeply convinced that the article below gets right to the root of why so many churches today are closing down, attendance is at an all-time low and thousands are taking part in a historical exodus away from Babylon and towards a New Jerusalem. Narcissistic church leaders and pastors in particular are deceiving and manipulating those who are part of a church. Indeed, these individuals are able to cast a kind of spell on their “victims” to the point where one can tell that all is not right with that leader and those who have chosen to buy into his/her propaganda, but they feel their hands are tied and there is not a whole load they can do about it. As if in a spell, their heart is telling them to separate themselves from what is going on but their feet won’t move. Such is the pressure and the pull of the fleshly Narcissistic Spirit, one can do little to overcome it once ensnared in its web.

I strongly feel God is liberating many from this web of deception, control and utter worship of the instruments God uses to achieve his purposes instead of worshipping the God who chose them and led them to a place where they could serve others. Note I use the word serve and not “lead” others. The only one that should be leading us anywhere is the Spirit of Jesus Christ himself. Anything else is idolatry and a stench in God’s nostrils.

It is a very long article but accurate, in-depth, and utterly revealing. It took me years to see some of the things which are so clearly explained in this article, and I wish someone had put it right in front of me at the time when I was in the midst of what can only be described as the battle of all spiritual battles within me, where part of me was being seduced by the brilliance, charisma, appeal and promises of bigger and greater things which the Narcissistic Spirit has in abundance, and the other part of me, the spiritual part of me was dying as it felt trapped, controlled, deceived, annihilated, lied to, used and simply denied of all that God has in store for my spiritual development and that of His Church.

The time for God to judge and deal with all Narcissist leaders in His Church is now upon us. Dead works and hyped-up marketing and growth techniques will be shown as dead works and ultimately, the Lord will say: “Depart from me, for I never knew you”.

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  1. Religious spirits need vessels to operate through and what better vessel than a pastor or religious leader. Sadly, the spiritual battle to set the captives free in the traditional church system will take a long time and will probably end up in a believers’ civil war. It will be messy!

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