My last post spoke about the tendency within Christian circles to put teachers, preachers, evangelists, writers, etc on a pedestal and the danger this poses of detracting from the glory and praise that should only be for God by promoting, publishing, ranting on and raving about their messages, writings and sermons.

Judging by the content of some of the comments, I clearly may have been a bit harsh in my zeal to call things what they are and not what they appear to be, and as always I apologise if I have caused any offence to those who read and who avidly, persistently and faithfully support a specific Christian individual/individuals and in doing so inevitably gravitate towards elevating that person’s status above that of other Christian folk and particularly and more worryingly above God himself.

When I wrote that blog post I had absolute peace in my conscience and a wonderful stillness in my heart, but as I tried to explain the content of the post through the comments, a sense of guilt began to creep in. I am very conscious that sometimes in my zeal, I can be overly passionate about the point I am trying to put across and in doing so, I appear to lack in compassion or grace towards the sinner and/or the people I am referring to or the wrong attitudes and choices I bring to the fore, and so a few days after having written that post, I felt an unease about potentially having offended anybody or having misjudged this whole issue.

As I always do when my soul is in turmoil, I sought God, I grabbed my bible that morning and continued reading the gospel of Luke where I had left off quite a few days prior.

I will not add or take away from the word of God to defend my position on this issue of The Church’s idolatry by making men and their works the object of its adoration and praise. I will just let the word of God speak for itself, and share that when God wants to communicate encouragement, discipline, reassurance or a warning, He can be and IS incredibly specific. See for yourselves and amend your ways accordingly. I hope that by not promoting and glorifying another Christian’s work on my site any more, I am beginning to correct mine.

Luke 18, 18-19

A certain ruler asked him (Jesus), “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”, “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good – except God alone.”

Deuteronomy 5:6-7 (32 kb)


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  1. Pray for me Larry as I seek to do His will and to be obedient to what He has laid on my heart.

    Thanks Brother.


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