If God is good, if God is love, why does he allow so much pain and suffering in this world?

This is a question Christian people are often asked by those who cannot comprehend, those who will not accept that God and so much evil and suffering in the world can be two co-existing realities.  It is also a question Christians often ask ourselves, and one for which we do not have an answer, not really.

Below is a video of a sermon by Pastor Britt Merrick, the pastor of Reality Church in California, whose journey I have been following closely for the last two years or so.  His testimony caught my attention a long time ago as I learnt that his daughter, who is now 8 years old, was battling cancer, a cancer which has shown its ugly face on four separate occasions over the last four years and which at present seems to be winning the battle.

Pastor Merrick and his family have recently travelled back from a long stay in Israel where their daughter received various pioneering treatments.  This is his very first sermon at the church he leads in California since he got back, so it is emotionally charged for that reason but primarily because in it he shares his own testimony of God’s grace shining through what comes across as absolutely desperate times in his life and that of his family.

Britt has and continues to be on a very challenging journey of discovery and revelation as I see it where God is showing him some wonderful though very laborious insights into who He is and what He has promised us.  Britt tackles the very thorny question of “Why does God allow evil, pain and suffering in the lives of innocent, good people, particularly children; why if God is love, does He allow so many disasters and tragedies to affect the lives of those He himself created in His own image?”

This is for me one of the most beautiful, sincere, heartfelt and plausible explanations and answers to this very challenging question I have ever heard, and having wrestled with this very question myself, I have to say Britt’s message has finally silenced the turmoil within my own soul and laid this issue to rest in my own heart and I am sure the heart of anyone who has become a part of his most amazing journey through pain and suffering and above all through grace.

I pray this message will bless you as much as it blessed me and I thank God for allowing Britt and his family to have access to some of the most wonderfully hidden but at the same time so plain to see pieces of revelation of God’s word I have ever had the privilege to hear.


Since writing this I found out today 18.02.13 that Daisy Love passed away yesterday. My heart and prayers are with her family and with her.  They have all been a source of inspiration to my own faith and I trust their witness will fuel my faith for years to come.  May God bless them all! –

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  1. awww thanks for posting. I just looked up her story and saw she went to be with Jesus just yesterday. I look forward to meeting her!! Mercedes, do you know if this sermon is written out anywhere? I listened to half but have to get my day started – it’s easier for me if I read it. Do you know if it’s written out anywhere!? 🙂 MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!! love, Randi 🙂

  2. Dear Randy,

    I miss you too and I apologise for not having been in touch in a while. We have been away this Christmas and New Year and I have been playing catch up ever since. We are off to Switzerland tonight for a few days as the kids have some time off school, but I will write more on my return.

    Thank you for letting me know about Daisy passing away. Somehow I have been sensing this was coming for quite some time, and I am so sad to hear about it, but comforted to know she is finally at peace and with the Lord. I never met this wonderful courageous soul, but from reading about her she came across as one tough cookie and a real inspiration.

    I have not seen this sermon written down anywhere. I normally download them from iTunes regularly and listen to them, but was pleased to see there was a video one can watch. Some people find it easier to engage with the message if they can see the person delivering it, though for me it is better if I don’t, so that I am trusting solely on what the Spirit is transmitting into my own heart as I hear the words.

    Be blessed and we will catch up soon.



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