Which kingdom are Christians called to defend and contend for? So many Christians are still in the dark!

I wanted to post here an article written by Andrew Strom from Revivalschool.com.

His article is entitled: “Do Christians love guns??” Normally, when someone brings up for discussion such a controversial topic as this one, all hell breaks loose, literally, and little if nothing is achieved through the debate.  However, I have found that through the comments left (over 300 hundred last time I looked) in response to this article, one can learn so much about the State of the Western Church, the deception deeply rooted still in the hearts of so many Western Christians and the complete and utter ignorance by many of God’s word and of Christ’s most essential teachings to his followers, despite the fact that they identify themselves as Christians.

The United States specially but so many other countries too are going through a very rough time at the moment and all signs indicate that things are only going to get worse.  It is so important to be rooted in God’s word at this time and to be so very clear as to what the word of God says in relation to the basic principles and assumptions made when discussing such thorny topics as this one.

Reading this article and all its comments has made me realise that even for those who in their mind are convinced of their solid faith and their knowledge of God’s word, there is still so much room for our pride to take over and to take pre-eminence in our souls over the spirit of Christ.  Christ’s bride is not ready for Him and it is certainly not spotless and without wrinkle or blemish. The city on a hill shines for its absence in the West and the lampstand has been removed from The Church in the West.

If you decide to read this, please do not get caught up in the actual frenzied debate about guns or no guns and all the different implications, but ask yourself, as a citizen of God’s kingdom and not of any specific earthly nation, what are the issues I need to be lifting up to God in prayer to prepare myself, my loved ones and others around me for what is to come?  What concerns should be taking up my time?  Indeed, should I be using this precious time in concern or trust the Lord with all my heart and soul and lean not on my own understanding? Am I spending enough time in His word so that when the time comes to personally face some of these issues, I have a profound and unequivocal understanding on what God commands me to do in such situations?

The need for ALL to prepare and to fill our lamps with oil at this time is grave, imperative and very, very pressing. We will all do well to take heed of the signs and the warnings and put aside our personal differences and focus on what it is that constitutes the bond between us Christians.

Here is Andrew’s article and the link to his site so that you can read all the comments.  It will take you a long time, but if like me you feel challenged in the Spirit and convicted in some areas where you feel you have let your guard down or are unsure as to what the word of God says in certain area, I urge you to plough and pray through the comments and seek God for the right answers.



I am writing this because I continue to believe that US Christians are being “driven” toward something very ugly. There is a lot of nasty rhetoric flying around that is the very opposite of Christ-like. Some in America are trying to get the Christians all riled up about not being allowed to own “assault rifles” and the like. But what is so “Christian” about owning guns anyway?

Personally, I neither love nor hate guns. I used to go hunting and I owned a .22 and a 6.5 Mauser (which kicked like a mule). But they are long gone. I also have US friends with Glocks and M-16s and things – fun to do some target shooting with – but I wouldn’t want to own one. Guns to me are neither to be loved nor hated. And certainly they are nothing to do with “Christian rights” or anything of the kind.

Which is why it alarms me to see high-profile believers seemingly making it a “Christian” issue that everyone should be allowed to own semi-automatic weapons. Reminds me of the facetious remark, “Who would Jesus kill?”

We have spoken before about the dangers of mixing Christianity with “nationalism” – of wrapping the Bible in the flag – and calling it ‘orthodox’ Christianity. This stuff is not just dangerous – it is deadly. There have been countless wars and countless millions killed down the centuries by this very thing. Mixing “patriotism” with Christianity and using that to motivate people – to get them riled up and mad enough to go “fight” somebody or riot in the streets, or whatever. Hitler used just this kind of patriotism to get himself elected. And I see this very same anger rising amongst some Christian conservatives in America. You are being “driven” toward something – and it is very ugly.

Every Christian should know that our home is in heaven – not in any particular “nation”. Our allegiance is towards GOD’S kingdom, not any kingdom on this earth. So let me very clearly spell it out-

-Saluting the flag is not a “Christian” activity. -Singing the national anthem REAL LOUD is not a Christian activity. -Being armed to the teeth is not a “Christian” activity. -War-mongering is not a “Christian” activity. -”Supporting the troops” is not a particularly ‘Christian’ activity. -Angrily fighting for your taxes is not a “Christian” activity. -Shouting and getting ‘nasty’ over Politics is not a Christian activity. -Constantly bad-mouthing the president is not a Christian activity – whether you agree with him or not.

-In fact a lot of this involves behavior that is totally “anti” Christian. -And despite being a great political document, the US Constitution is not a “Christian” document, and therefore fighting and screaming and name-calling over that document is not a “Christian” activity either. True Christians do not stand or fall by the US Constitution. They stand or fall by the actual word of God. And that is the only piece of writing that they should ever get so stirred up about.

Friends – we have a great mixing of Nationalism and Religion going on. And it is getting uglier and uglier.

Now, let me ask you some honest questions here. Have you been guilty of fighting or agitating over these things in the “flesh”? I say, “REPENT”. And are you guilty of slandering or bad-mouthing the president of your country in a way that is totally un-Christlike? Again I say, “REPENT!”  There is no excuse for a follower of Jesus behaving that way.

We are not supposed to be in a “war” over all this stuff. We are supposed to be focused on ETERNAL things – the only things worth fighting about. So let us forget these earthly “distractions” and concentrate on the things that really matter.

As I have said before, it is time to change the channel and turn OFF the voices of the “agitators” before they get you all riled up about the next ‘issue’. And it is time to go out and fight for the gospel and the souls of men – the things that can REALLY make a difference in the nation. Politics can never bring about the ‘heart’ change that is so desperately needed. Revival is what America truly needs! So let us fight for that – and leave the ungodly to fight for their “guns” and their “rights”. We are of a different kingdom. My friends, let us not forget it.

Blessings! – Andrew Strom ( prophetic@revivalschool.com )

5 thoughts on “Which kingdom are Christians called to defend and contend for? So many Christians are still in the dark!

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  1. “…As I have said before, it is time to change the channel and turn OFF the voices of the “agitators” before they get you all riled up about the next ‘issue’…”

    I don’t own a gun, but I have no problems with others owning them. It’s an individual choice. Yet, I agree with Storm’s main point about the agitators and how they remove our focus from what is important: His kingdom.

    Good article. Thanks.

    1. I agree Larry. I wish it was as easy as that though. We are constantly being bombarded now more than ever I fear with scary rumours or the next bad thing that is threatening with bringing the world into complete dismay and total chaos.

      Now more than ever therefore we need to abide in the Word and in His presence. Please pray for me that this is true for my life and that of those whom I love such as yourself.

      God bless you Larry!

  2. Thanks to you for focusing us on the preparation of the bride and the shining (or lack of) of the lampstands. Thanks to Andrew for focusing on the eternal things and the gospel.

  3. Hi There Don,

    Thank you for stopping by here and leaving a comment.

    I appreciate your encouragement.

    God bless you.


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