When we pray for revival, we fail misserably to understand the very essence of Jesus Christ: He IS the RESURRECTION and the LIFE

Yesterday, having been away for three weeks over the Christmas period, I decided to  catch up with some of the bloggers I regularly follow and I found a video on W.E. Smith’s blog “Living Walk” @ http://livingwalk.wordpress.com/ which allowed me to feel very close once again the touch of God upon my life and upon my purpose for it.  It was a very special time for me as I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so tangible upon my own heart and soul.  It is moments like these that give me a sense of purpose and meaning to my life beyond my most immediate realities of marriage, motherhood, business, etc.  I live for moments like these when despite all the chaos going on around me and all the wild goose chasing after ethereal pursuits, I am reminded of the hope that truly sustains me and everything around me, the reason why I am.

This video is entitled “A desperate hour calls for a radical response” by Brian Long.  Brian gives us a prophetic insight of where the Western church is at the moment.  He talks about it being sick, anaemic, even dead and parallel to his explanation of why he believes this, he shares the testimony of his son Luke who has survived two bouts of cancer recently.  Through his son’s illness God allowed Brian to have revelation about how God sees part of His Bride at present, its peril and the need for His children to leave Babylon, to leave dead religion and the system which leaves us lukewarm, complacent, inactive and fully reliant on the direction of often just one person.

Brian also tackles the very valid point of how so many of us pray for revival as we ponder in disbelief about the hypocrisy in our own churches which completely invalidates any kind of possibility of drawing people to God.  Indeed, it has the very opposite effect, non believers mock us and rightly so as they observe from a distance how we speak of a light in the darkness, of Jesus Christ who is the Resurrection and the Life and yet we continue to long for times of revival when that very Resurrection, that very Life, that very Word which cuts through bone and marrow is already present in us or it should be, in those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, in those who have faith.

He speaks of how God will primarily listen to the prayers of those who come to Him in desperation, not a desperation to have a new house, or the latest gizmo, or a new car, not a desperation to have a popular ministry or a large church attendance or more people who tithe, but a desperation to hear from God Himself, to be touched by the hand of God himself, a desperation to know and feel in your being that the breath that is sustaining your every moment is indeed that of the Holy Spirit and not a deception which is blinding and depleting the potential to glorify God in so many Christians.  A desperation that springs up like the very first explosion in a volcano when it suddenly dawns on us that Nothing and No one else will do, Nothing and No one else has the power to bring Resurrection and Life to a dead soul, to a dying world. A desperation that makes the heart weep as God weeps when He sees part of His Bride so caught up in the things of this world, allured by the present but denied of its eternal future with God.

It was Brian’s mention of how through his son’s illness He felt the Spirit of God give him a word about how HE is calling a remnant out of Babylon, out of a dead religion who sounds filled with the Spirit in name only but inside is rotting and dying. He then to my amazement and pleasant surprise goes on  to quote the very scripture in revelation “Come out of her my people…” which Peter Whyte wrote a whole book about and which I have been publishing on this blog chapter by chapter for weeks, as I feel a heavy burden upon my heart to share Peter’s message with the world.  Brian’s message in this video corroborates this revelation which so many of us are hearing.

God is a jealous God.  The sole purpose of our existence is to glorify HIM and only HIM, and right now the Church System serves to glorify anything other than HIM and because of this God is leading countless people out of it.  I don’t care how much scripture anyone puts in front of me to suggest that being part of a church is absolutely paramount for any Christian, or how the role of the pastor  within the church system and hierarchy is ordained by God and how the Christian is to submit to authority within the Church walls.  None of this is backed up by Scripture, but conformed by men to suit men’s needs.  I am currently reading a life changing book by Frank Viola and George Barna called “Pagan Christianity”.  Well, if ever there was a needed eye-opener for God’s people today, this is it.  This book explores the roots of the Church’s practices and boy have  we drifted off from God’s calling upon the life of His Bride!

In future posts, I will write down sections of this book and put my slant on them.  Though I think this book is magnificent at looking at the history of the pagan roots of so many of our churches’ structures and traditions, I reached many of these same conclusions by simply reading scripture.  When we seek God with all we have for the revelation of who He is and what His Word means, He does give us such revelation, aside from History and everything else.  It is called Faith which by its very nature should not need to have any other support or pillar to it than Christ himself.

W.E. Smith was kind enough to also provide me with the link to the video of Brian’s son, Luke’s testimony of how God Healed Him and how his illness served to bring glory to God.  Both these videos constitute a wonderful testimony of faith and I for one am daily surrounded and assailed from every direction by voices telling me what a horrible world be live in, and what gloomy future awaits us, and that there is no God and humankind has no hope.  If that is you too and you feel you could do with a bit of God inspired encouragement, this one is for you.

Finally, after I watched both videos I thanked God with all my heart that He had spoken to me so clearly through them and that a great encouragement had come into my very soul as a result.  This was His surprisingly simple but simultaneously profound answer:

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  1. We seek revival, thinking that’s our answer, but if we’d study the history of how revivals begin, we’d learn a different story. Revivals start because a small group – maybe only two or three – become desperate for God and everything else becomes secondary and unimportant. With this burning desperation in the hearts of a few, God adds His Spirit to fan the flames.

    Who knows? Maybe God is preparing two or three hearts right now for just such an event. Let’s hope so.

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