InThe Church and in The World: the time for GOD’S prophetic voices to silence and render Leadership Gurus powerless is NOW! – PART 1

This is PART 1 of a follow up to the article written by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson called “Our Dear America where do you go from here” which I posted here a few days ago.


by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson

This follow-up letter is not only for America, but also to all the Western European nations that find themselves in a similar political and economic situation like the US…

 The “Our Dear America” message was not sent out as a pacifying, soothing message for all those that wanted Romney to win and Obama to lose. This message is not meant to calm down your troubled spirit, so you can now take a deep breath and think:

“God has mysterious ways”! Rather it is a wake-up call to shake those in America that call themselves after Christ from a toxic slumber, and encourage them to seek their true King, and to submit to his rule. Would you therefore please allow us take this to a next level and try to be as clear and concise as we can?

First, our motive. We love the US. My (Indian) wife and I (German/ Hungarian/Jewish roots) have been given a passion and burden for the US that we can´t really explain. For the past 21 years, we have been praying for your nation and we continue to do so. We bought your flag and have it in our office to remind us to ask God for supernatural love for America. And sometimes, love makes you tell it as it is, without diplomatic language and plan, without scheming for a certain angle, plain – just like that. We know that this can make us a target for undue praise, but also for mis- understanding, anger and criticism – by now, we have been called all sorts of untrue things, good and bad – but we are ready to remain vulnerable.

Secondly, we have cogent reasons to believe that there is a very real hope for a historic, mind-blowing turnaround and a possible re-invention of America – IF Jesus would be accepted as the ruling King of his people with the same or more passionate fervor that people went about electing a new president and spending their hope and money on it. What happened during the election time now is that we felt God said, (in our paraphrase) They are missing it again; they are again looking for another Saul to be King, not me; yet another human Messiah, a political solution for a spiritual problem. The involvement in a process to elect yet another “most powerful man of the most powerful nation in the world” can lead to a toxic drunkenness of what the Bible calls – The Flesh: `we- can-do-it´ power. It is a symptom of the very same spirit that had people build the Tower of Babylon.

If that continues, it will all come to nothing and yes, all will go down in flames, Christian churches, denominations, ministries, foundations and businesses included, with those in leadership wringing their hands in complete, perplexed despair – unless:

Those who claim the name of Jesus would finally emigrate out of a gigantic Babylon (Mammon-driven) Captivity and repatriate into the Kingdom, seen as the domain of God´s uncontested rule.

Repatriation means we emigrate, decidedly move out of one country into another country, apply for citizenship and diligently keep the laws and regulations of that country out of passionate, obedient love for its King. Then we would no longer be Americans first and Christians second, but Kingdom Citizens who happen to be pilgrims temporarily living in America – or any other nation.

That is the right order, anything else is a deception.

Does God judge or blesses us because of our Government? You don´t expect sheep to behave like goats. And you don´t expect pagans to behave like saints. God knows that even better.

Therefore, all nations (political entities) are under Gods general merciful blessing, seen in the fact that he has not yet wiped us all out (Psalm 9:17; Isa 8:9; 40:17 etc). But all nations are not only under his permissive blessing for a shrinking time window of grace, but also under Gods rightful judgment. One of the puppets of God is Satan, to whom God has given a limited but terrible allotment: “The whole world is under the control of the evil one” (1 John 5:19).

A dramatic event is narrated in the Bible that is so sobering that it might heal anyone of all false nationalism or even patriotism. It is Jesus and Lucifer standing on a mountain (Luke 4:5), and Lucifer says, in the  face of Jesus: All these Kingdoms and their splendor have been given to me – and I give them to whom I want. This is why, with very few amazing exceptions, power, money and splendor seems to be always bestowed on the wrong people.

People whom Lucifer likes, and he definitely always likes the wrong ones. This is why nations – with one exception -the Kingdom of God (Hebrews 12:28) – are all very shakable and fragile. In the coming days, they will all start to face more and more violent and unsolvable problems (Matthew 24) within themselves, through internal strife. And by flexing their muscles like teenagers on too much testosterone, this will lead to more rumors of war, nation at the throat of other nations. We should expect blind nations that they would try to blame someone else for its problems. And what is easier than to blame the others in general, and the neighbor in particular? There is a Kingdom solution to this, but it will simply not fit into such a short letter.

Our point is this: all nations are under Gods rightful judgment, because all of them have long ago removed themselves from under his rule – Israel, Germany, Australia, Sweden and the  USA included. The romantic and sugarcoated myth of a Christian nation is just that – a myth (A helpful book here is Gregory Boyd: The Myth of a Christian Nation). Sin is first and foremost a disposition, not the individual acts that result from our disposition. All have sinned – nation-states included. Whether they sin a lot or sin a little, sin they do all the same.

The really big issue, the one we can and should actually do something about, is that God is looking at the level of holiness of his saints in regards to their alignment to the constitution of the Kingdom. Remember – judgment starts at the house of God. That is where the crux is. And may we be blunt? We have done empirical research and statistics all our life. If we would rate the corporate behavior of the collective body of Christians in our Western nations against the normative decrees and commands of the King, we would be at a catastrophic obedience level of around a 2-5%, out of 100. The Body of Christ in countries like India would be more at a level of 20%; China, the same. My American friend Curtis Sergeant who worked in China, used to describe many Chinese followers of Christ with these three attributes: quick, costly obedience. We in the West replaced those attributes with slow, cheap arguments. This is just one of the main reasons for God to bless his people there – rather than us in the cultural West.

Unless we change, this will not change.

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