Scripture tells us that there are three main areas where men are vulnerable:

The lust of the flesh.

The lust of the eyes.

The boastful pride of life.

These are inherent in all of us in the natural, but after we are born of God’s Spirit we are empowered to overcome them. However, it is only if we use our free will to obey the Spirit of God that we can overcome these worldly desires and refuse to continue accepting the world’s standards.

One of Satan’s main objectives is to keep us from being led by the Holy Spirit, and when he succeeds he causes us to live and behave and think like the world. Scripture exhorts us to have our minds renewed until we can think with the mind of Christ. (Rom. 12:2, Eph. 4:23) Only then can we see our society and our religious systems with the eyes of God. To understand and escape from Babylon we must first comprehend that the systems and structures of religion have their origins in the mind of Satan, and are as much a part of the kosmos as any other facet of human society. Consider how Satan divides humanity with different religions, and even causes men to war with each other over religious beliefs. Not only does he cause the conflicts between different religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and others, but within each religion he divides its adherents. In every different religion there are sects who fight with each other and confusion, (Babylon) reigns.

In the first three chapters of Revelation the Lord repeatedly states “He who has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”. The Lord also tells us that it is only overcomers who are able to enter the New Jerusalem. It is the individual responsibility of each one of us to overcome the world, and to heed the call of the Holy Spirit and the Bride to come out of Babylon. You can be certain that this call is made to Spirit filled believers in Christ, who belong to churches, for Revelation is addressed only to us, not to those outside the Body of Christ.

Those who fail to leave the Harlot City participate in her sins and receive of her plagues, when the ten kings are used by God to destroy her. It is the visible, organized church and its structures that is pulled down and persecuted by anti- Christ governments and rulers. Have we seen one of these kings operating in China in the 20th century? Now, after the destruction of the Harlot churches and the slaughter of many saints in past decades, we see a “King” or government accepting and even commending the believers living outside Babylon. We also see the Chinese Christians not wanting back the buildings and organizations called “churches” which their Government no longer frowns upon. Having tasted LIFE outside Babylon they are not interested in returning to her.

Revelation 18 describes the judgment that comes upon Babylon The Great, this monstrous, spiritual city that counterfeits the true Bride of Christ and deceives and holds captive God’s family. She makes the merchants of the earth rich by her desire for sensuous living. (verse 3) She causes us, the kings of the earth, God’s royal children, to live with her in adultery instead of our husband Christ. Most of us are so deceived that we actually weep and lament over her when we see her destroyed. (verse 9) Yet the Lord instructs us to rejoice over her destruction. (verse 20)

In many churches the members’ comfort and prosperity are of prime importance. Luxurious buildings with air conditioning, plush seating and high tech sound systems are established which perpetuate the Harlot system. Verses 12 and 13 describe the material wealth in which they deal as well as dealing in the bodies and souls of men.

We are warned from heaven:-

“Come out of her My people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven and God has remembered her iniquities.” (verses 4, 5)

The result of God’s judgment is that Babylon The Great is thrown down with violence, (verse 21) “and no more will the voice of the bridegroom and bride be heard in her.” (verse 23) Saddest of all is the fact that in the destroyed Harlot church is found “the blood of prophets and saints” (verse 24) who are true believers who never understood the counterfeit. Possibly the great majority of God’s children have died and will die in Babylon, never understanding the greatest deception that Satan has used to overcome the saints.

We need to be aware that the Harlot church is very attractive and appealing to our natural minds. She is not obviously ugly and wrong because she is an excellent counterfeit of the Bride. She is such a good imitation that she deceives the majority. She holds the precious children of God in her power, and it is only by the grace of God that He opens our spiritual eyes to see through her marvellous deception.

We also need to understand that God in His sovereign purpose has allowed the beast to overcome us for many hundreds of years, but that time is coming to an end with the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This was first prophesied by Daniel in the time of the Jews’ Babylonian captivity:-

“I kept looking, and that horn was waging war with the saints and OVERPOWERING them, until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was passed in favour of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the kingdom.” (Dan. 7:21, 22)

We are now living in the time when very slowly the church is awakening to the fact that it is God’s plan for us to rule and reign in life. We are to come under His government and then become part of His government, when we have learned to be overcomers. This is why the Spirit is calling us out of traditional types of churches in such great numbers today. Jesus is preparing those who have an ear to hear, so that large numbers of us will be actively putting His enemies under His feet in preparation for His return. Overcomers are to be part of the Bride that makes herself ready.

For centuries the church has consisted of weak and predominantly immature believers and very few have walked as overcomers. Bound by the great deceptions of Babylon the Great, we have simply evangelized and added to our numbers within the Harlot city. We have been like the Jews in their Babylonian captivity, the beloved children of God, reproducing our nation, growing in numbers, but bound in captivity.

Confirming Daniel’s prophecy, God informs us again in the book of Revelation that He allows the enemy to overcome His saints together with all mankind upon the earth.. This is the awful result of our submission to the world system, and our failure to overcome it. The beast in Revelation 13 is the same one on which the evil woman sits. The world system of Satan is the beast that blasphemes against God and the Body of Christ and makes war with the saints and overcomes them.

“And it was given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them: and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him. (the beast operates all worldly

systems of government) And all who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name is not written in the book of life of the Iamb who has been slain. If anyone has an ear to hear let him hear.” (Rev. 13:7-9)

The “all who dwell on the earth” refers only to those whose names are NOT written in the Lamb’s book of life, and does not include believers in Jesus Christ. The “worship” of the beast refers to the love that some people have for the Kosmos rather than God. We need to examine carefully the objects of our love, so that we are not deceived into thinking that we can love the things of the world without worshipping Satan unwittingly. Love of money, power, pride of position, materialism and sensuous pleasures are all an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

When we start counting the numbers of those who “support or belong” to us, and announce how many we have saved, delivered or healed, or who attend our services, evangelistic meetings or campaigns, we are manifesting “the boastful pride of life.”

When we build a “church” building and organize membership we are simply creating another Babylonian tower. When we dress beautifully to attend meetings, beautify the building and fill it with creature comforts for our “members” we “satisfy the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh.”


The Kingdom of God is invisible to the eyes of the flesh but is seen and understood by the eyes of the Spirit, for it is the reign of God in the believer’s heart. Religious behaviour can be seen, but only the Spirit knows if God really rules a heart. Babylon the Great is however much more devious and insidious than our visible denominations, churches, structures and organizations. Her name is written on our foreheads since she has penetrated our minds and corrupted our thinking. We are so brainwashed by tradition that we cannot imagine how to live the Christian life without her. Even when we have left one of her visible towers we will join another, or worse still start building a new one.

Only when we have had our minds renewed and exert our free wills to erase the name of Babylon from our foreheads can we escape from the Harlot City. An essential step in this process is to begin to question the traditions and practices that we have accepted and followed blindly in the past, and to learn their origin. We also need to heed every word spoken by King Jesus and compare His teachings and instructions with what we have learned from our spiritual teachers and religious leaders. When our hearts and minds are set on obeying the Word of God we must learn that the only firm foundation on which to build is Jesus Christ, and that every word that proceeded from His lips and is recorded in scripture is the Word of God of primary importance that we must hear and obey.


Add yours

    1. Very Powerful indeed Randi!

      Stick around. It gets even more piercing and convicting. The Holy Spirit is most certainly breathing a new message aimed at unearthing and unveiling deception, idolatry and hypocrisy and no stone will remain unturned in the end, only the stone the builders rejected which has now become the capstone.

  1. When Jesus fed 5000 men, He had them recline in groups of 50s and 100s (Mark 6:40). He did this for practical reasons. However, one must ask if these men were transformed as they huddled in their separate groups? Did they magically become something they weren’t before they entered the group?

    Well we think this when we congregate in church buildings. We are one man before we join this group and we become a different man when we join this denomination. However, men should be the same before and after. That is if Christ is still the head. If the men follow Christ as head before they enter, and also while they are part of the group there is no problem.

    Unfortunately, there are churches that don’t have Christ as head. Thus, these are actually just bundlers. Indeed, men purchase a building and bundle groups to support their economy and carry out their plans.

    It’s like the U.S. as well. The bundlers are really in control. They have the money and they decide who will control each of the two groups that currently run America. What Jesus’ true disciples need to do is to be sure to keep Him as their head, and to stop being controlled by bundlers.

    Some groups are not controlled by bundlers. Indeed there are some pastors who follow Christ and call others to join them. Unfortunately, the majority of church leaders are bundlers. They don’t follow Christ, and they wish to gather groups who follow them. They are actually angered by those who wish to let God control the church.

    In summary: The world and many church leaders compete with Christ, while true disciples of Jesus follow Him and let Him be their sole headship and covering.

  2. Thanks Lori.

    You are so right! There are plenty of followers but the real clue here is: what and particularly WHO are they/we following? The Western Church’s main topic of conversation in the upper ranks is “Leadership” instead of Christ. The issue troubling and consuming its leaders is “How can I make others follow ME?” (instead of Christ), and the purpose of such Leaders is not to disciple others by being examples of humility and self-sacrifice, but solely to train others to in turn become church leaders who perpetuate this idolatry of worshipping the Leaders and their plans and vision instead of Christ himself.

    What a mess! What foolishness! The Devil’s fingerprints are all over this and the very ones who claim to have been given authority from above are the ones missing this or choosing to see it but push themselves and their agendas forward regardless, clearly following the Flesh and not the Spirit.

  3. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for the link. No, I have never heard of this woman or her dreams but having just watched the video with her dream about the old house, I have to say in parts I felt like it was me at the center of that dream in that I too was brought up as a Catholic, then moved to a Protestant country and I couldn’t find Jesus in either denomination or at least not within their hierarchical systems and organised and controlling structures.
    I found that particular dream to be quite powerful actually, but it is difficult to be able to discern what is going on there not knowing that person, and I feel it would be unfair to pass comment based solely on those videos.
    I used to be totally cynical about dreams and visions until I started to experience them myself and until the things I saw in them took meaning later on in real life, with real people and in real situations, and so now I like to always reserve judgement on things like that because to do otherwise would be to limit God and to pretend to know all His ways, which none of us do.

    I would suggest that you seek God yourself and ask Him to give you dreams and visions of what sits deep in His heart. When he does, if he has not done so already, you will discover a new dimension of His Power and Awesomeness and you will be able to minister to others through revelations given to you in those encounters with the Spirit of God. Like I said, I used to think that people who talk like this are completely mad or delusional, but by God’s grace I now know different and couldn’t care less what others think of me for saying this. At the end of the day, you have to trust what you yourself experience and not what others tell you, so again my advice would be seek the Lord for these encounters yourself and don’t be too troubled or guided by other people’s.

    Incidentally, whereabouts do you write from? Are you in the States?

    God bless you.

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