In the next few posts I will be sharing with you an e-book I have recently read which I have found to be so very close to what I believe the Spirit of God is currently breathing into the hearts of those called to be his mouthpieces on the earth today. This is an incredible book full of a prophetic understanding of where the Body of Christ sits today and where it is going. I have not been able to contact the author himself as he can only be contacted via a letter.  I am not even sure he is still alive, but I understand and I have been reassured by the person who made it possible for this book to be electronically available, that I have permission to copy and paste here on my blog this wonderful work inspired as far as I can discern by God himself.  The name of the author is Peter Whyte.  His book is called “Come out of Her My People” and if you don’t have the patience to read each section on my blog, feel free to go to this link and read the whole thing in one sitting as I did.  It is a real page turner for all the right reasons, and it will start you on a journey of pursuit of The Truth.

Here is the link:


“Come out of her My People” by Peter Whyte

Christendom as we have known it is crumbling. Church splits multiply daily. Members leave a church and join another group and shortly find that they are just as unhappy inside themselves as they were in their old church. Others leave and join nothing and then find that they are misunderstood, rejected or ostracized for failing to conform to the accepted system.
Ministers resign from the ministry and take secular employment, and everywhere we go we find firm believers in Christ and the Scriptures as God’s Word, who are no longer satisfied to “attend church” and behave like good club members.
Human failings can account for some of this but today the vast majority of believers who are dissatisfied with “churchianity” are in fact being led by the Holy Spirit, for GOD IS AT WORK.
The Lord’s ways are not our ways and we are astounded to discover that Jesus is able to multiply by division.
For many of us this is a traumatic experience because the yearning of our hearts is in conflict with much which is accepted as “proper” Christianity. In humility we have anxiously examined our hearts before the Lord, worrying that there is something wrong with us. After years of being content with traditional concepts of churches and Christian “religion” we are confused that we can no longer identify with the old ways and keep a good conscience. Our inner man is rebelling against the system and the structures, and many of us are unsure if it is the Holy Spirit leading us or if we are in deception.
Be encouraged! You are not alone! All over the world the Holy Spirit is stirring hearts and drawing them from Babylon to the New Jerusalem. Everywhere we find thousands of confused Christians, either unhappy in a church situation or having left a church and wondering what to do next. My personal journey along this strange road began nearly twenty years ago and prior to that I had spent thirty years in traditional Christianity. This book is an endeavour to help those who are starting down this road and to share the truths I have learned along the way, in the hope that it will help them to look afresh to Jesus, the only authority on the being and function of His Body and Bride.
If you are perfectly content with “your church” and wondering what this is all about then PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IT IS NOT WRITTEN FOR YOU.
Peter Whyte,
25 Victoria Drive, Highlands,

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