Update to this post on 31.10.12

Since I published this post yesterday, I am amazed by the number of people who are disturbed by what has happened in the States and are landing on my site by entering on google search the term God’s judgement through Hurricane Sandy.  May this all serve to stir a people whose roots were once deeply planted upon God’s Holy name and heart.


I have often shared prophetic words given by John Paul Jackson on this blog, and once again I believe with all my heart that God is using this man and many others as the trumpets of a last wake up call to a world which is intent on ignoring God’s Omnipotence, and Omnipresence and even more so His Perfect Holiness and Will for us and this world.

I am scared myself to hear some of the things that John Paul shares in the video below, which is an update of a prophetic word he has given in years previous.  Indeed, the message given by him which I have shared on my blog previously was called “The Perfect Storm” and it spoke of various waves of God’s judgement coming upon all nations and it also spoke of evidence in the natural world of the mighty battle that is taking place in the spiritual realm between forces of good and evil.

I know that to so many this all sounds too much like a Hollywood Blockbuster or the stuff of a vivid imagination, or worse still like someone having lost their marbles, but we cannot continue ignoring the warnings of people like John Paul, because so many of these warnings have now become a painful and terrible reality.  How foreboding it was that the very name used by John Paul all those years ago to name this series of prophetic utterances is “The Perfect Storm”.  Rejection and resentment have always gone hand in hand in the life of the prophets, but whether today’s prohetic voices are in your eyes true or false, this must not send you off course in acting on the potential for truth in their message.  There are too many ramblings and murmours upon this earth today to remain cynical.

I was trying to explain to my daughter at breakfast time this morning how God has always used his prophets to prepare people for coming judgement and also to give us ample opportunity in view of the given warnings to repent, change our ways and seek God’s will, instead of our own.  I explained to her about what is currently happening in the United States and what is yet to come which so many people are currently seeing through prayer, meditation and dreams, and she asked: “If the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy is something to do with God’s judgement and His warnings, how come no harm has come to Las Vegas yet?” No sooner had she finished the sentence, the reporter on Sky News, which we were watching at the time said: Atlantic City, considered the Las Vegas of the Eastern part of the United States, has been one of the cities worst affected by Hurricane Sandy. I have never been to Atlantic City and so I cannot comment, but I have been to Las Vegas and if Atlantic City can be even remotely compared to a place like Las Vegas, then I believe God answered my daughter’s question right there through the update that reporter had just given.  It was right on cue and it answered my daughter’s question literally.

Having returned from Las Vegas only two months ago, I can testify that for me it is a bittersweet place. It sells itself to the world by means of bright, beautiful lights and glamorous spectacle, but behind that very cleverly put together, enticing and alluring facade, lies a sordid and sad reality of prostitution, drug dealing and addiction, alcoholism, gambling and simply the most painful truth that even those who call ourselves Christian are prepared to turn a blind eye to it all, so long as it doesn’t touch us, right? Wrong, so long as we do not raise our voices in the face of pure evil, we are in God’s eyes as guilty of idolatry as the thousands who daily pour into that city to worship SELF.  More hurtful of all whilst visiting Las Vegas was the mockery that it has been made of the institution of marriage, of what should be a symbol of utter commitment, love and faithfulness and a union brought about by God himself.  A prolific number of chapels are to be found all around Las Vegas where it is almost mandatory to dress up for the joyous occasion, which is quite fitting really, because covering up and hiding behind a celebrity’s identity must be the only way to go through with such a farce.

In view of last night’s dramatic and devastating events, I sincerely apologise if anyone takes offence reading this, but time is short and we have to for once and for all realise that there are always consequences to our actions or lack of in many cases, that God is a Just and Fair God, and that no matter how hard we try to be in control, we cannot continue to be as naive to think that catastrophes like this are simply at the hands of nature.  Who orchestrates nature, who orchestrates the rhythm of life, who sustains the stars and the balance in the universe, who brought it all into being and who alone has the power to also bring it to an end? We cannot be so foolish and stuck in our own pride as to not see that there are much bigger forces in this universe than the economy, nature and human will.

Whether you think that John Paul is just a charlatan, a lunatic or a false prophet, don’t be so foolish as to dismiss the message with the messenger.  He, like all of us, will have to account for what he did with his life and the blessings bestowed upon him.  The important question we have to ask ourselves here is: what are we doing with our own life? Do we seek God in everything we do or our own will?  Is there more to these catastrophic events than meets the eye?  Indeed, what are we heading towards in terms of weather patterns, natural disasters and man’s greed and evil nature?  How far can all this go before we begin to wonder when is enough enough, before we kneel down and beg for mercy because there is absolutely nowhere else to go and nothing else to do as ALL POWER is finally taken off man’s hands?


Add yours

  1. I think many people are. As the degree of devastation and evil is on the increase, so will hopefully be man’s willingness to humble himself and listen.

  2. It was wild to hear the news reporters say that the East coast line maps will ever be changed by the perfect storm Sandy. I remembered that John Paul Jackson had said the coast lines would be changed and here it is!

  3. Hi Ta,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I believe John Paul was not solely referring to this Hurricane but to other tragic events that will affect the States in the near future.

  4. God showed me that darkness was traveling towards the Northeast in this storm. I saw in the spirit that great darkness hit when the hurricane made landfall; almost as if a bomb had been dropped. This is the first time I have felt God warning of judgment. Usually I have such positive messages from God. However, I believe things have changed as a result of this storm, and that things will never be the same again. I also see arrogance in leaders in the Northeast who believe they will sovereignly put everything back together and they are thumbing their noses at God. But this is a dangerous attitude. I found John Paul Jackson’s prophecy yesterday, and I found this site today because I was searching for someone else who had heard this message from God. I believe more things are ahead, and people need to turn to God. This is a warning. I am not unsympathic. I have been through 3 major hurricanes myself. However, this hurricane is VERY important. Thanks for providing this site. Before this time, I didn’t even pay attention to prophets. I just listened to God on my own. But now I feel a sense of urgency.

  5. Hi Lori,

    Thank you for your comment. Perhaps if all those who feel God is trying to communicate something to humankind through these events, speak up as you have done, our quiet isolated voices may begin to gather volume and momentum and get to a place where those who have ears cannot but hear and act on what they have heard.

    God bless you.

  6. Thank you so much for your response! Reading the words on this site has given me some hope. If there are others who are hearing God’s voice, then I believe we can see God move in places we have not seen Him work in a long time.

    It’s interesting to me that you used the words communicate, because this morning the Lord asked me, “Why does your phone ring?” Certainly it rings because we would not know that someone was calling otherwise. Then the Lord showed me that His signs are often like a ringing phone … they are a signal that shows something is happening. However, many miss the signs. But, those who hear God calling can answer and put Him on speaker phone. We can also send Christians into the ravaged Northeast armed with comfort and the gospel. Blessings to you!

  7. Once again, thanks for the John Paul Jackson video. It so touched me that I transcribed everyone of his words and will be running them on my site over the next two weeks in a serial format. My reasoning is that most Christians won’t listen to videos over 1-2 minutes long and won’t read much over 500 words. So, short bites are better than none.

    Thanks and God bless you.

  8. That is a great idea Larry. I do however sense an urgency in all this and trust that if it is God’s will, those who have ears will hear what God has to say no matter the format or length the message has.

  9. Hey Mercedes,
    I’m really not sure how to comment on posts like this one. You know that you are my sister in Christ but this is an area I think we disagree on. I am sure God uses events like this to draw people to Himself – to awaken hearts – to show of His power….but I am not sure it is our job or that God would desire us to try to interpet specific events to be His judgements on specific areas/people.

    The fact is that sin has caused all the natural consequences we see and it will get worse – because sin will continue to worsen. To think that non christians or people who have turned away from God will suffer more on this earth than christians — I don’t see that. I don’t see that we can blame God’s hands of judgement for all calamities or disasters….. I think it’s a risky philosophy & theology…. especially for Christians who do not yet understand God’s love and then begin to interpret all their lives suffering as His judgement. I don’t see it. If anything, I see that the christian life is to be the ones of suffering, persecution. We are not promised ease of life here, protection, safety, wellness, wealth….

    All creation is groaning for the restoration and all things to be put under Jesus’ feet (Romans).

    God is a holy, just GOd and will not tolerate sin forever – for that I am sure. However, I believe it is dangerous for us to try to interpret what is His specific judgements or not. God uses circumstances for SO many different reasons. And suffering happens because of SO many reasons. I think it’s very dangerous for us to try to solidly say we know for sure why things have happened. His ways are higher…..

    Our message should always be one of warning however – that judgement will come. BUt that there’s room on the ark of JEsus Christ & God wants all to choose to enter!!! ❤

  10. Hi Randi,

    Thank you for your comment and insight.
    I don’t believe that I wrote at any point on this post that I was referring to God’s judgement upon non Christians or those who have turned away from God, but actually it is us Christians who are doing such a bad job of representing God’s wonderful qualities and who are betraying God’s true nature by becoming one with the world. Remember 1 Peter 4, 17 : For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?
    For me it is not a question of putting blame upon God but attributing to him the rightful role of Supreme Judge as He is so often described in Scripture.

    I think that anyone who has been following this blog for a while should be able to learn through what I share that God is as much the loving Father as he is the Fair Judge, but Judge He is. I try to remain as honest and true to the God I read about in the Scriptures, and to only speak of God’s love, mercy and grace would be as much of an unbalanced testimony as to always speak of only His judgement. When you read God’s prophets in the Scriptures, both elements are always found, but the nature and calling of the prophet is above all else to speak of those things which nobody likes to hear. This is the very reason why so few are prepared to follow that calling. The prophets in The Scriptures never shyed away from speaking what God had placed in their heart because they were worried about young believers being engulfed in utter fear of God’s judgement. The seriousness and urgency of their message far outweighed their fear of people missing the wonderful loving nature of God or people totally missing their point and misjudging them.

    The Church of Christ has gone far too much the other way and little is said about the notion of God’s Wrath and Judgement as we see it in The Scriptures and I believe we have a massive responsibility as Christ’s followers to do justice to the true character and nature of God as we see it through the Bible Prophets. As I said, Judgement begins in the House of the Lord and I personally see many of the things currently hitting the United States, and not only natural disasters, as the shakings which will serve to wake up a nation who once took such pride in representing through their own personal life and testimony who God truly is, both the loving Father and the Fair Judge.

  11. Hey my friend,

    I don’t know…. I am definitely on your side on believing that God’s wrath against sinners could be evidenced now – but more importantly His punitive judgement will come in future. I just don’t believe in trying to look at any suffering/struggle & trying to pinpoint what is judgement & what is simply a part of the fall. Either way, God is sovereign and there is nothing that enters our life that is not allowed by Him — but I don’t believe all natural disasters, accidents, suffering are judgment or punishment.

    I don’t believe it’s ours to know. I am very leary of people who constantly say, “He said”…. and “He told me”….

    and this video/person in particular — what is the positive for his specific prophesies – what good fruit is coming out of his prophesies coming true….. if it doesn’t draw people to Jesus & make Jesus central – I don’t believe it’s from the Lord. This kind of prophecy/teaching is very man-centered. I listened to not even the whole thing and the most common words were “me” and “I”.

    I don’t know… I am just not into this kind of teaching. I’m not sure the importance of it & I don’t see in the Bible anywhere that it should be a focus or that GOd would desire us to focus on this so much.

    Who determines what is God’s judgement or not? Is it the size of it? Where it its? That was my point when I said.. some decide it was God’s judgement or not based on *where* it is… Las Vegas as your example state.d… or other known “sin cities”….. What about all the numerous hurricanes that have been so very devastating to many parts of our country — in the past 100s of years – when our country was still a beacon? In places that were not a Las Vegas or a New Orleans. Tornadoes, hurricanes – so many tragedies. In many godly places.

    I agree that we tend too overfocus on God’s loving character….. as His children, that is the side *WE* see most often & experience!! We are free from His wrath! and we are *disciplined* but I believe we are saved from His judgement. Those who are not in Jesus are still under His wrath — and we do need to preach all aspects of GOd’s charcter we can – not just His love. Part of His LOVE is His holy hatred for sin & all its consequences.

    gotta run. more later if i can. Randi 🙂

    1. Hi Randi,

      You are absolutely right. We don’t have all the answers, far far from it, and we have to take all these messages from so called God’s Prophets with great discernment and prayerful consideration. Absolutely.

      I don’t know what good is coming out of John Paul Jackson’s prophecies, if any. A prophet’s calling is not to convert or disciple people but to wake them up from their idolatry and slumber so that there is only room for God in their heart. Prophets of old were often completely ignored and then disaster struck. This did not disqualify them from that calling but indeed confirmed it. I truly believe that the call of a prophet and the need for them is great in this hour as it was in Old Testament Times. I for one totally see the need for their voices to be heard and heeded. It is up to us to listen and decide for ourselves whether we will believe their message and whether it is God who sends them.

      I believe that many in the Body of Christ abuse the concept of grace and forgiveness of sins and use this as a license and excuse to completely miss God’s will and follow their own instead. In the end we will ALL be accountable and I don’t think God will take lightly or kindly to the level and depth of idolatry taking place in His Own House today. His mercy keeps coming like the waves of the sea, but how much more and for how much longer can our idolatry and self-reliance go unpunished? What Father would let His child continue in His wrong ways and watch him self-destruct without disciplining him and giving him constant reminders of what the boundaries are? As the child persists on ignoring the advice of the Father, the warnings and reminders will grow in severity and intensity. This to me demonstrates the great love of the Father for that child and not a lack of it.

  12. That was a beautifully written response.

    God does discipline His children – as a loving Father always does. But I do believe all of His children (those people who have accepted Christ & have been born again of His Spirit) are saved from His wrath, redeemed, and seated with Him in the heavenly realms. It is finished. The correction we receive as His children is just that — correction, discipline. It is not judgement or punishment – but consequences for our sin.

    Those who have not surrendered are suffering as His wrath is revealed now & in the future.

    That does not mean all suffering is His wrath, however.

    I also find it interesting that so many who prophesy do focus on the doom, gloom, negativity around them. Especially those who prophesy constantly about natural disasters — they don’t even credit God for all the amazing miracles and peace & order that happen every minute we breathe. What about all the peace we have had every day – in His hands for 7 years in our country (since Katrina). Why wasn’t that prophesied? Why is only the doom & gloom prophesied?

    I think another beautiful takeaway for His children is for them to know that God uses ALL things for our good. We are not to fear what is coming or what is happening now. So much of what people like this man prophesy is to create hysteria, fear.

    Yet for God’s children – we can see joy, light, good in all things. Great great things have happened out of many catastrophies in our history.

    Perhaps there are spaces & needs for prophets – but more than anything, there are spaces & need for the gospel to be preached – for JESUS to be proclaimed. HE is the central message that needs preaching. I believe Paul would agree with that.

    This type of prophecy is too close to psychic readings & psychics for me to be comfortable with. God is clear He does not agree with those who try to see the future. I find it very hard to believe God would reveal so many specifics to any one man. I don’t see that being part of the vision for His Church He started at Pentecost…. and I do believe that the Bible & His Spirit are whole & complete in being able to instruct & guide us. Gifts of prophecy are important — but prophecy does not always have to do with foreshadowing future events.

    we must not trust the words of men as much as we trust the word of God. I believe the Word of God needs to be preached and spread more than anything else. Any teaching I see that doesn’t reflect that, I will probably always be very skeptical of.

    that’s all. I trust your heart girl & you are my sister. I just don’t want to see you get strapped down in fear or anxiety or worry about the future. But to continue to seek His joy that is perhaps one of the most crucial components of our faith. we must fight for His joy – and live in the today. Not fearing tomorrow, not regretting the past. Soaking up the today with Him. HE is the Potter & His work will be finished. He will finish the work He started in us. We are redeemed. we are chosen, a royal priesthood. We are saved from His wrath. we must preach Christ – no more no less. HE is the answer to all. HE is the prophesy. HE is the beginning & end.

  13. Good morning to you Randi and thank you for the time and thought you have put into your comments. I appreciate them a lot and they are needed reminders of what is truly important and core to our Faith: Christ is Lord, Christ has risen, Christ is the sacrifice which atones for our sins and CHRIST IS COMING BACK.

    However, we cannot just brush aside the role and need for prophets today as a secondary calling. Jesus himself said that he has given to some to prophesy, so who are we to dismiss such a calling and give all relevance to discipleship or teaching?

    Prophetic voices within and outside The Church itself are being ignored to our own peril, and I think we both agree that the System is far far removed from the glorious, spotless Bride Christ is coming back for? Don’t you think that dismissing these voices which warn of impending judgement starting within the House of God (as stated in Scripture) will only serve to perpetuate sin, hypocrisy and idolatry within our own camp? What hope therefore is there for those outside the camp, if we ourselves cannot even keep to our own beliefs and convictions and continue to defile God and His Holiness in His very temple, within ourselves and therefore projected onto others?

    I feel that to agree with everything you say, I would have to completely ignore the book of Revelation and much of the Old Testament, pretend it is not there or simply misinterpret it to suit my fears and to silence the fears of others. That I cannot do!

    Lots of love,


    1. I understand what you are saying.

      I am simply saying exactly that – that the book of Revelation is enough. That the Bible is enough. If the Bible is spread, we have enough prophesy to speak on without getting into specifics of what is going on now. 🙂

      I am saddened for America & the decision we made last night….. but the light will shine brightest in the dark.

  14. Christmas trees don’t last very long. They look pretty but they eventually die because they have no root. There are other things also that are short-lived … sparklers for example. Once they burn up their fuel, their life is over. Thus, America without her Judeo-Christian roots may last until she cannibalizes herself. Then her life will be over. That is unless she becomes reattached to her roots.

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