This post is inspired by the desire to share with you all a timeless song with a timeless message:

When you feel your world is spiralling out of control, when you feel time is beyond your grasp, when you fret because there are not enough hours in the day, when you wallow in self-pity, when your life is all about the future and making plans, when you feel there cannot be a God who allows such suffering, pain and evil, when you feel hard done by and taken for granted, when you are downcast, when…..when….when….

Remember to stop, breath and simply re-learn to live each second of your life as if it was the last, remember those moments will never come back and what is the point of poisoning and wasting the ones left with self-pity, regret, fear, hatred and resentment? Cherish what you have, no matter how little or unvalued, no matter how infrequent or even more so when too abundant that you end up taking for granted the little details of what makes your life worthy and worth-living in God’s eyes.  You do have a purpose, you are here for a reason.  Find out what are those things in your life God has given you as gifts, and then love on them, cherish them, sacrifice for them with your every breath, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember they are gifts and we are to be grateful for every single one of those and we are to honour the Gift Giver by simply never neglecting them or by developing an attitude of entitlement in our hearts where Enough is never Enough.

Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud: it is in living for others and by a daily practice of self-sacrifice that Your Life will take on its TRUE meaning. It does the soul good to often be last, to not have a turn, to go unheard, to  go unnoticed, to become invisible, to accept we know nought, to suffer pain and rejection.  It is then and only then that one can clearly and brightly see the power of God in one’s life. It is then and only then that our hearts are in a place to be able to acknowledge where we sit in this awe-inspiring universe. It is then and only then that Faith has a chance.  It is then and only then that God places in your hands the best gift of all: being able to better another person’s life by simply becoming the stepping stone upon which they stand so that they too can learn all these things and gain the right perspective, a purpose and a glorious future.


Add yours

  1. beautiful. daily self sacrifice. daily surrender to put others above our own personal desires & pursuits. ❤ Christ living through us. Stop trying to change the world & allow Christ in you to change YOUR world!! 🙂

    love to you Mercedes

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