Don’t believe the lies of the enemy! Jesus is alive and claiming back what is HIS.

This is a video from Pete Wilson, Pastor at Crosspoint Church, Nashville, Tennessee which I have been following from the UK for the last few years. What Pete shares in this video gives me great hope that though the Western Church system exists in great measure to sustain the system itself and not to share the love of Jesus to a perishing world, there are still people out there who seek after God’s own heart be it outside or inside the system as is the case with Pete and his church.

I believe this video illustrates very clearly that the only way any church is going to have any impact for Christ in the world is through extending love, charity, compassion, redemption, forgiveness, freedom, faith and hope to those who are not able to get these things for themselves.  This has always been and will always be the heart of Jesus for His Church and for his people, and until churches shift from the human ambition to become bigger, better, and more powerful through their own efforts, no real impact will take place in the spiritual realm, no matter what we are led to believe by those who control and manipulate our understanding of what is really happening.

Thank you Pete for your inspiring video! May you, your church and your team keep up such wonderful work, and may you inspire other churches to shift all the superficial layers and to get to the core of what our true calling is in this world.

God bless you and the thousands who through self-sacrifice and death to self let the spirit of Jesus emerge and be glorified in the lives of the people you touch. Glory to God!

You didn’t confirm whether I had your permission to publish this video, but I trust in the Spirit that this post will glorify God and that it is important to share it and encourage others who feel called by God to be used in this manner, be it in or outside the system. I hope you will agree!

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