Is a relationship with Jesus apart from His Church an unhealthy one?

Today I would like to open up my blog to create a forum where the question on the title of this post can be discussed.

I heard this question as a definite statement on a sermon I was listening to just now, and I wish to put this out there for others to comment and answer if you so wish.  I would like to keep my own feelings on this one to myself for now, but I will in a later post share what I believe to be the answer to this question and why.

I would be most appreciative if you could share your thoughts on this issue here so that we can establish a healthy debate.

God bless you.


2 thoughts on “Is a relationship with Jesus apart from His Church an unhealthy one?

Add yours

  1. Paul spent three years by himself in Arabia (Galatians 1:17-18). Most people insert his sabbatical between Acts 9:22 and Acts 9:23. Obviously, God wanted to prepare him apart from the Jewish Christians to prepare him for his ministry.

    So, there are times when the Lord may call people away from His church.

    Okay, but that calls for another question: what is His church?

    If by His church, people mean a specific organization which meets in a specific building on a specific day with a specific leader in charge of a specific group which sits under specific rules to hear specific sermons, then I’d emphatically say, “No. It’s not unhealthy. In fact, it might be healthier to be apart from this so-called church.”

    But if you believe we are the church, and that whenever two or more gather in His name for tea, coffee, or whatever, the church is having a meeting, then I’d also emphatically say, “Yes. It is unhealthy to be apart from this church.”

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