The Structure of the Church must change!

I wanted to share with you a prophetic word which I found in someone else’s site which I regularly read. It spoke right into my heart and gave me hope as well as confirmation of what I too have been hearing for years now in the secret place.  THANK YOU lord JESUS!

Stephen Hanson

“Can you hear the sound of my spirit speaking to you? Can you hear the sounds
of the waves beating across the shoreline? From season unto season those waves
carry the debris and deposit them upon the shoreline. The waves of the ocean echo
the timeless seasons that have been poured out upon the earth. At the tops of each
of those waves you will hear my spirit speaking to you.

In ancient times I warned the earth through my servant Noah and I sent a flood because of the wickedness of mankind. And now once again, man has reached a pinnacle of wickedness, but this time I will not send a flood.

The church has drifted far from my original plan. Many have flooded to great centers of learning. Here the writings of theologians and scholars would dictate how they would read my word. But I tell you that there are the young who know more than these men. For they would train you how to become a pastor. You will learn how to become a good speaker. You will be able to baptize. You will then be able to officiate at weddings and funerals—but will this enable you to hear from my spirit?

But I tell you that I will change the structure of the church.
For I will seek out with my own hand those who would minister in my churches.
For gone will be the days of the one-man-show.

And I will send my torch of fire across this nation. For those who have been displaced, those who have been sent out of the churches, will be given this torch. And the embers and the fires of this torch will be spread across this nation. It will be a pioneering effort; and those who are famous or well-known will be taken by surprise. In my time I will hasten it. My true church will be resurrected once again; and my spirit will enable these things to be done.

For the organization is not a living organism. As long as there is a man-made structure it will not rise to my highest level of fulfillment.

And I will speak to the young who are coming upon the scene, and they will speak forth my oracles. You haven’t seen miracles yet. You haven’t seen my provision fully extended. You have so far just seen a flash-in-the-pan.

These are the days of my warriors. These are the days of my true prophets. For they won’t speak what man wants to hear. They will only speak what I give unto them.

It is time for the old wine skins to be taken away. It is time for the scholars who have studied at the universities to leave. You need to step to the back of the room.

The generation of Saul has ended. It is now time for my Davids’ to come upon the scene.”

Stephen Hanson

4 thoughts on “The Structure of the Church must change!

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  1. One of the prophecies that I’ve heard and held onto was by Mike Bickle: “I will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the earth in one generation.”

    So, yes, we need new wineskins.

    1. Hi Larry,

      You know, it always amazes me how men continue to go to great efforts to try and control and cage up the free Spirit of the Lord as it moves among His people. We can’t deny it, no matter how hard we try and for how long. The Church as we know it is changing dramatically and rapidly and there is not one thing man can do about it.

      So glad God is ultimately in control of it all!

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