Will California shake beyond recognition?

Over the years I have learnt to pay attention to my dreams, that is when I remember them, of course.  The thing is that I always know which ones to pay attention to because they remain in my consciousness vividly for a long time afterwards.   They leave a strong impression, a sense of actually being right there alive in the midst of what is taking place in the dream, and the experience can sometimes be so powerful that when I wake up all I want to do is share it with my husband or write it down so that I never forget what was said, what I saw, who was in it.  I  never used to do this.  I used to be cynical and dismissive of people who claimed God communicated to them through dreams, but after years of having dreams which either became a reality or were a warning for something that would happen, I have learnt to be a bit more open-minded, a bit more humble and to trust more in my own instincts and in how truly unfathomable God really is. After dreaming about a friend drowning who then told me when I shared the dream with her that she had been contemplating suicide, after dreaming about my mum dying whilst she laughed and then having to fly home to Spain after receiving the news that she had had a brain aneurysm and lives today to tell the tale, after dreaming about people well-known to me whose behaviour towards others and sometimes me is significantly different from that I perceive in my daily life, after dreaming about a self-confessed friend betraying that friendship behind my back to then experience that betrayal by that very person in real life, has left no doubt in my mind that dreams are so much more than dreams, at least some of them are.  I take particular notice of those dreams where I see or hear specific images and words that I can then remember to the letter when I wake up; those dreams where you wake up feeling like you have just lived through something extraordinary, something supernatural.

Whilst away on holiday this summer I had one of those unforgettable dreams.  We got away on our caravan and there was not a computer or TV on sight, so I know what I dreamt was not the result of an over active mind and imagination.

As I recall it, I was in a house with lots of people in California, when all of a sudden the ground beneath our feet begins to shake violently.  The level of fear I experienced in the dream was considerable because I woke up as a result and though aware I was now awake, in my consciousness it felt like I had just experienced and survived an event of absolute catastrophic proportions.  In the dream, the floor beneath us began to show wide cracks and through the cracks flames of fire shot up.  Such was the magnitude of the earthquake that it seemed the earth’s core was surfacing through the cracks of the house we were at.  In my mind I knew this earthquake was affecting a very large area and I don’t know how, but it was imprinted strongly in my mind to the point of absolute certainty that it was in California.  Despite the chaos, and the ground’s violent shaking, we remained unharmed and frozen by the shock and the fear.  Next thing I remember is a black lady touching my arm as if wanting to speak to me, and I then asked her what it was that she wanted to which she responded:  “You are now mature”.  “It is time to bring it/things forth”.  END OF THE DREAM

I felt the need to put this dream out there for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I see no sense in me having this experience other than it is meant to be shared.  I am also aware that I have many followers/readers in the California area, as I am aware that many others have had similar dreams and visions in recent months, so I felt it was important to simply publish it and let people make what they will of it.

If you have any insights, interpretations or views on this, I would love to hear them. If you think I am bonkers, please pray for me.

Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “Will California shake beyond recognition?

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  1. The reason I came to California was pretty much what you saw in your dream: calamities and possible devastation. My revelation is not so much about earthquakes, but rather, terrorism and nuclear bombs. (Yet if you think about it, a nuclear bomb could have the same affects on a wide-spread area as a massive quake.)

    Why would God send me here, huh? Because He loves people and He wants to warn as many as possible before the calamities happen.

    Do I think people can repent enough to stop the calamities? Of course, there is always a glimmer of hope, but it would take a repentance on the same order as Nineveh. And to be honest, my writing and efforts are aimed only at repentance and preparation for calamities.

    Thanks for your post. It’s right on the mark from my perspective. And also, thanks for confirming to me my calling which seems to have been buried until today.

  2. Hi Larry,

    I wholeheartedly believe in your calling. It shows no gimmicks, no over-spirituality, no performance, no people-pleasing, no lording it over others, no double standards, no public performance over private authenticity,it shouts intimacy with God as opposed to popularity among men, and more importantly and to me the key to a genuine transparent Christian: the purpose of your calling and the way you handle yourself is not for self-promotion, self-reward or remuneration as an indicator of how useful or important you are in God’s eyes. You are simply an obedient servant of the Lord who seeks to bring Him to those who need to know Him and be encouraged by Him. I see God in your calling and the fruit of your calling echoes the journeys experienced by the prophets spoken of in the Bible. You don’t mind how long you have to wait because you fully trust God’s wisdom and his perfect plan to bring things forth in his perfect timing, even if it means waiting a lifetime to fulfill your calling. You are an inspiration to me and a great encouragement from the day you first got in touch through this blog. It amazes me how God has been able to use you in my family’s life through encouragement, prayer and prophetic utterances, even though you live thousands of miles away and have never met me. You are living proof that God’s church extends beyond the confines of any local church or institution. God’s church is the Spirit of the Living God abiding in each and everyone of His people who follow Him wherever He may lead.

    I am humbled by the fact that you moved to California in response to what the Lord laid in your heart. I would have been terrified to go to a land which in my heart I knew would suffer so terribly. Then again, when we know that it is God who is laying something in our hearts, we have no alternative but to follow, so I may well have done the same. I still think you are a very courageous man.

    May the Lord protect you and your family always.

    With much love,


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