As a result of my decision to leave the institutional church/church system, many have turned their back on me, even those who once thought of themselves as my friends.  They perceive me as someone who is not fully Christian for if I was, I would recognise the importance and need for fellowship within the Body.

To them I would like to remind that the need for fellowship comes in various forms and degrees throughout the body of Christ.  Indeed, there are some whose calling requires above all and primarily our relationship with Christ ALONE.  The testimony of the prophets we encounter in the Bible is witness to this.  They did not require the fellowship of believers to validate their calling or to nurture it, but simply a daily walk with the Lord through the mountains, the valleys and even the cliff edges.

If like me, you feel you do not fit the mould.  If like me, you are experiencing rejection because you march to a different drum, remember you are in good company.  Here is a wonderful, wonderful piece by W.E. Smith, a wonderful man of God whom I have been blessed to be acquainted with and whom the Lord has placed in my path at a point when the scales were about to tip over.  Take courage! Though you may feel like it, you are not alone, but simply have to shed all the excess weight which will hinder your journey, and what a journey that will be!

Here is the link to this God-inspired article:


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  1. Hi Mercedes

    There are many who take time away from the Institutional church. I think its a logical stage of spiritual development. Alan Jamieson wrote a book entitled the Churchless Faith talking about how it was mostly mature Christians who had had many years of leadership experience who took time away, sometimes years, meeting in home groups or house churches, trying to review and reconstruct what they knew of God and/or church and taking time to reflect on scripture to the same end.

    The problem is that the Institutional Church lacks fora where its members can discuss and debate. In my experience, people who asked too many questions were quickly labelled as divisive and disloyal.

    The Internet breaks this deadlock to some extent by providing these fora and allowing Christian hoi polloi to have a voice.

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