David Wilkerson – You will always be an inspiration to millions and you shall be missed!

Dear Friends,

It was with great regret and sadness that we got back from our wonderful holiday in Florida to hear the news about the death in a car accident of Pastor David Wilkerson whom I have greatly respected and learnt from in recent years.  I will soon write about the special God-filled encounters we had during this holiday, but firstly I would like to post a video tribute to David Wilkerson which gives only a glimpse of the wonderful legacy he has left behind him.  He has been and continues to be an inspiration in my life and I hope one day my faith in Christ will produce if only a vague reflection of the wonderful fruits found in David’s life, for a life of faith in action transforms the heart more than a thousand sermons, and the transformation through the witness of faith in action is long-lasting and permanent unlike the ephemeral and superficial change which results from a powerful sermon. 

God bless you David!  You shall be deeply missed!

2 thoughts on “David Wilkerson – You will always be an inspiration to millions and you shall be missed!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Mercedes. It stirs me to want to go much deeper and be much bolder in my obedience to Christ.

  2. I know what you mean Mark! When I read about the life and ministry of someone like David, the dead works and lukewarm faith in churches today becomes all the more apparent and I too feel stirred to go deeper in order to discover what it is that it truly means to be a Christian. The question is: am I willing to make that sacrifice? Am I willing to not compromise?

    Let’s continue to pray for each other.


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