The church will go underground but the foundation will be sound

Prophetic word written by Priscilla Van Sutphin two days after I wrote my post “Why did I stop going to church?  Because I was looking for Jesus and I could not find him there”.  I felt compelled to publish it here.  What you do with it is entirely up to you. 

I am now away for a couple of weeks, so have a blessed Easter and looking forward to getting back on the saddle upon my return.

God bless you!

April 7, 2011

Truly you are on the edge of eternity.  There is nothing ahead but difficulties for most in the world.  But for My beloveds, yes, tribulations and trials, but joy and smiles, at what I do in and through you.  HEALING wings indeed are coming.  I AM ARISING…ELIAKIM.
[ I’d just read a chapter that mentioned Eliakim and had looked up his name meaning which was God establishes, or arises ]
I Will establish MY WILL in your lives.  I WILL ARISE and humble all that needs humbling.
The fear of the LORD will fill MY house and the world again.  Some will still be defiant and scoff, for they are given to the evil one.  They refuse all reason.  I will show Myself faithful to all who have been faithful to ME. I WILL establish you in righteousness which is your heart’s desire.  I will remove the hindrances, and the chains that have bound you.
Your houses will be divided for sure in some cases. But for those who have given Me their all, Will I not arise and right all that has wronged them ?  Like the widow with the unjust Judge, surely I WILL BE A BETTER JUDGE than the one who is irritated by the pleas of people.  I am a LOVING FATHER, so I will pour out the light of MY love, and it will shine brightly in all whom I touch !…..   I am establishing proper alignment.  I AM WITH YOU TO ESTABLISH YOUR AUTHORITY in the right place.
Do not be dismayed by what seems like slowness on My part.  It is only waiting for proper alignment in the lives of those others involved as well as you.  Your healing is on the way beloved.  Your healing will spring forth as the noon day sun. Declare it !  I will bring it without striving.
As you are aligned properly, the gifts will once again flow like a river. The ways of man are at best limited, but with ME in charge, there are no limits.  I am the REFINER’s FIRE, and as Fuller’s SOAP, and I will help you to clean and equip the fish coming into the Kingdom in this hour.  And they will come like a river.  EVEN as that tsunami will they come, sudden , and with force will the KINGDOM OF GOD be established.  And nothing, not even burning of churches, and killing of leaders will stop it.  The church will go underground, but the foundation will be SOUND.
THE CHURCH MUST STOP being a building, and be a fluid form, able to move at MY WILL. Able to bend when I say bend. Able to move when I say move.  Moldable clay does not say to the maker, what are You doing ? It does not resist the Hand of the Maker.
Remember the visions long ago given, for ‘NOW THEY WILL SPRING FORTH!”  Disaster upon disaster has been foretold, so hold on for the ride of a lifetime.  For what I lead you to do, I will provide abundantly. Not for selfish goals, but to spread the Kingdom.  Goshens will be established in various places.  I will lead those who are to go in time.  There is yet a bit more time.   All is at hand.”

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