Some of you may recall that some weeks ago the BBC showed a two part documentary for Comic Relief about the Kibera Slum just outside Nairobi, Kenya.  I was moved and challenged greatly by some of the realities in the lives of the people of Kibera which were exposed through this program.  I felt compelled  to write a post entitled “A desperate plea from the depths of my soul” which you can find in the archives of this blog for the month of March.  By the grace and providence of God a complete stranger left me a comment on this blog with details of a charity called Zelyn Academy which has set up a school to keep young children off the streets in the slum.

I have managed to find a video with images of the school and a message from the two men who set up this academy back in 2006.

I have also copied and pasted the info on their Facebook page so that you can know in detail the amazing vision that the founders of this lovely organisation were given by God.

Basic Information

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am 5:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am 12:30 pm
Situated at the very center of the expansive Kibera slums in Kenya Africa. The school cares and supports orphans, destitute, needy and vulnerable children by providing them with Education, feeding and clothing
Public Transit
Kibera Slum school, Kenya – Zelyn Academy Children’s education charity is the only school of its kind within the expansive slums of Kibera (with a population of approximately 1 million people). The school runs under BIRECE GROUP , a Community Based Organization formally registered by the Ministry of Gender , Sports , Culture and Social services in Kenya . BIRECE is an abbreviation for Brothers-In-Real-Care for the Entangled .

The registration Certificate’s number is 19964 .

The charity work was conceived and developed as a result of breathtaking experiences noticed in the community by the founders; children affected and infected by HIV/Aids and poverty seemed forgotten. Child labour, prostitution, drug addiction and street life had been the only option to these precious lives.

Through its charity work, the institution began by maintaining in school 7 children in 2006. The number had risen to 276 when the term began in January, 2010 . The children are freely provided with education, feeding and clothing. All these are done through in kind donations.

The charity would like to assist and enable more children within the slums of Kibera (about 300,000 children still do not have access to education, food and clothing).

The charity believes that the children in the institution will eventually get greater opportunity in the future to find work and support themselves and give back to the community.

You will never know what it means to a child to know that someone is caring and loves them enough to assist in their education and support!
Within the context of maintaining these innocent children in school, the charity must continue to provide relief and assistance through its feeding and clothing programs. In addition, we need to secure regular funding to reward our experienced team of qualified teachers.

Opportunities to sponsor and support a child’s education, the feeding or clothing program and school staff are open. The future of these children depends on us, and with the help of others, they will be able to dream a different future.

From the year 2006 to date Kibera Slum school, Kenya – Zelyn Academy Children’s education charity has been able to maintain in school 276 children both orphans and vulnerable children coming from very poor families who can not provide basic needs for themselves and the children . The children now enjoy free meals, clothes, shelter and learning materials provided by the charity work. We have also been able to build a half of the school ( stone built ) Their happy faces can tell how they feel!

We have a PAY PAL account! It makes it so easy to donate as little or as much as you want. It is just by a “click”. If you would like to mke a donation of any amount, please open the fan page, click on the ‘>>’ logo next to ‘boxes’ along the top of the page and this will take you to the ‘donate’ button, log into your existing PAYPAL account, or if you do not have one, its a very simple process to create an account. PAYPAL ensures a totally secure transcation.

It is completely free to send money with pay pal and it is safe and effective.

Your donation could buy exercise and text books for the children, school uniform, pens, pencils , crayons and papers and help keep them in school by feeding them with at least two meals in a day . Even USD10 is a very helpful amount to give because it could either feed 15children on gruel/porridge for two days, or buy a pair of shoes for one child, or buy a short trouser and a pair of socks for one boy.

Please, tell others about our cause and how it is NOW easy to donate .Thank you for the support!





It is sickening to think how many millions of clicks of a mouse take place a minute from wealthy people, like myself, who do not give a second thought to purchasing the latest gizmo, gadget, toy, fashion accessory, or luxury item.  And yet for every one of those clicks, we can make the decision to replace that indulgence with rescuing a life from misery, poverty, disease, humiliation, fear, dread, hunger, desperation, a death sentence, a hopeless future.

We may not have slums in our nearby areas, but we surely have people who are living in poverty and who rely on initiatives like this one to make it through the day.  It is only by the grace of God that we find ourselves in such privileged circumstances. I don’t want the gap between the wealthy and the poor to widen in our own countries, so let’s be generous and compassionate to ensure that the standard of living is more balanced in our communities, and that one day we are not faced with a humanitarian crisis like the one so many countries are having to face right now.

My mind cannot comprehend why God would allow some countries to suffer so much whilst others indulge in such wealth and abundance, unless it was for the sole purpose of developing in us a more Christ-like character of compassion, generosity and selflessness. I cannot make any sense of so much blessing in some parts of the world, unless it is meant to in turn bless others.  The purpose of one’s life has to transcend beyond our own comfort and pleasure, or else we leave this world just as it was when we entered it and what is the sense in that?

When you next click that mouse, please remember that in your hand lies the amazing power to give someone the very basic things we take for granted every single day.  AND REMEMBER TO GIVE THANKS TO GOD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS EVERYDAY,  because this will keep you humble, grounded and open to the needs of others; this will give your life a purpose that transcends beyond anything else you ever put your mind, heart and soul into; this will forge your character to withstand and overcome the cruel turns of life.  It is that grateful attitude, that humble heart which makes those who have nothing content and peaceful in their hopelessness.  It is our self-absorption, our pride, and our greed which rend us unable to be grateful for all we have, which make us permanently dissatisfied and always wanting more.  The truth is one does not have to look too closely to realise who are truly the poor and who are the rich.  What they have cannot be bought with money.  It comes from putting your life in the hands of Jesus Christ and trusting by faith through the most appalling of circumstances that though Jesus may not give them what they want, He will always give them what they NEED.


Add yours

  1. I hope you don’t mind me posting this but I felt I needed to say a big thank you for promoting the good work that Zelyn Academy id doing in Kibera. As one of the very small UK team ‘Friends of Zelyn’ who have been working very hard to raise the profile and fundraise for the school, I cannot thank you enough for your deeply heartfelt thoughts and words about Zelyn, its children and about the plight of the poverty stricken people of Kibera in general. Anyone who has had the opportunity to view the Comic Relief documentary that was filmed in Kibera will find it difficult to comprehend how the Kenyan Government can totally disregard the most basic needs of over one million of its own citizens, particuarly when they are living right under the noses of the wealthy politicians in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi.

    Zelyn Academy began in a rented onre roomed mud hut in 2006. Although the school has grown in population enormously, i.e. from 7 to over 270 pupils, it has remained completely under the international radar and is extremely underdeveloped due to lack of marketing expertise and having no access to appropriate equipment to promote the work it is doing in Kibera. This is one of the areas that the Friends of Zelyn have been working on and why I felt I needed to thank you for passing on the word about Zelyn to others.
    Friends of Zelyn are unable to change the Kenyan Governments current thinking and much as we would like to, neither are we able to make a huge difference to the lives of all Kibera’s residents. What we can do however, with the support of other like minded people, is help to make a direct difference to at least some of Kibera’s children by providing as many of the resources as needed to keep the children of Zelyn Academy off the streets so they can gain a much appreciated education.

    Unlike most schools in Kenya, Zelyn does not believe that children should be deprived of an education because a parent or guardian cannot afford to pay school fees. Zelyn believes that education is key to breaking the chains of poverty so does not charge fees and has a huge amount of applications as a result. I can tell you that it breaks the hearts of the Founder, Elisha Ooga and all of the extremely committed team of teaching staff when they are forced to turn away applicants due to already overcrowded classrooms and the lack of financial resources for teaching and learning materials and additional equipment such as chairs and benches for the children to work on. However, as Zelyn is entirely dependent on charitable donations, the school is forced to turn children away.
    If any of your followers would like to help support Zelyn or to give a gift of education through sponsorship of a child, please go to the Friends of Zelyn website to see how you can help.
    Many, many thanks.
    Pat Collins

    Paradoxically, although the Government does not recognise Kibera, Zelyn Academy is still monitored by the Kenyan Ministry of Education to ensure that it adheres to the Kenyan school curriculum and has adequate health and hygeine facilities. during the last MoE check, Zelyn was informed that it needed to provide at least one more latrine for the children. This, in any other circumstance is a perfectly accepetable demand as currently the 270+ children have to share only one latrine. However, the MoE overlooks the fact that once off the school premisis, if latrines are used at all, they are overflowing and filthy and each one can accomodate between 500 – 1,000 residents depending on its location. This demand for another latrine therefore appears somewhat nonesensical when the school is striving to raise enough funds to provide the children with more than one watery meal of porridge per day.

  2. Dear Pat,

    Of course I don’t mind you leaving a comment on my blog. On the contrary, the more people that can raise the profile of this wonderful organisation the better.

    How did you get to find out about them in the first place? How did you get involved?

    God bless you for the work that you do and the help that you offer Zelyn.

    I feel honoured that you have taken the time to leave a comment here.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Mercedes

    With apologies for the long delay before responding to your post, I became involved with Zelyn Academy last year (2010) following a trip to Nairobi. I met Elisha Ooga, the vision bearer and co- founder of the school in March and was so moved by his vision, the good work that Zelyn is doing for the children of Kibera and the daily struggle he faces to maintain the school program i.e., providing free education, clothing, food and teaching and learning equipment, that I knew I wanted to support his vision in whatever way I could. I was committed from that moment on. it really is a worthy cause and it is a joy to be playing a direct part in the future of Zelyn Academy and its little pupils.

    Thank you for your kind interest and please keep spreading the word about Zelyn.

    Kind regards

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