I have heard it said that “In the last days the powers of Darkness will intensify”

Today has not been a good day.  I feel:









ON MY KNEES but for all the wrong reasons.

It is always sad when we hear of another Christian who has fallen into sin, be it an action, a thought, an attitude,  a motive.  We can try to help that person by carrying them in our prayers, by counselling them, by helping them see the error of their ways, perhaps by simply giving them the space to come to terms with the result of their actions.  But my spirit is grieved and my heart weeps  when another Christian not only harbours a sinful disposition, but is so blinded by their own ignorance of the predicament they are in, that they no longer see sin as sin and even go as far as putting a stumbling block on another Christian’s path, even to the point of choosing a stumbling block in the very area where they know the other person has a weakness and is most likely to trip over and fall.

If YOU are reading this, know that I am praying for you, and I am praying for me that I find it in my heart to forgive the person whom another trusted with their very soul; the person who portrays themselves as walking daily with the Lord, the person who is or has been in Christian Leadership, the person who has rebuked another on occasion to the point of making them question in depth and in turmoil their own personal spiritual choices.  Nothing destroys hope more than the disillusionment of finding out that the person you thought someone was is not that person at all, but far removed from who they say they are, and far removed from the standards of spirituality they set and expect from others.

I feel the intensity of the powers of darkness being turned a notch or two by the Evil one in these days we are living in, for even those who raise their hands during public worship of the Spotless Lamb, they  do so whilst behind closed doors they carry out actions which stand against the very essence of the One they claim to worship, which defile and grieve the very Spirit of the One they say abides within them.

I feel a burden to share with you a prophetic word from David Wilkerson, pastor at Times Square Church in New York.  When this man speaks, the place where people gather to hear him shakes as the spirit of God fills people with conviction and the urge to repent.  His sermon is called “Purity in a Wicked Age” and he gave it whilst visiting various churches in Russia.  It is a bit heavy going in that it is being simultaneously translated into Russian, but if you can bear with it, it is well worth the effort.


May you be blessed by it as I was.

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