I don’t think the following video needs an introduction.  Hopefully, the title of this post gives you a clear idea of its message. The couple appearing on it are an incredible testimony to God’s grace and mercy.  If you are in any doubt as to whether Jesus is alive today, please watch this and see what God can do when we let him into our hearts and minds. Is Jesus alive? Some ask.  Watch and judge for yourself.

Are you involved in Christian Ministry to any degree or are you contemplating going into it?  If so, please do so with your eyes wide open. Hopefully some of the stuff shared in this video will remove the blinders.

If on watching this video, you wish to continue following the journey of these two mighty warriors for God, here is the link to their website called “Refine Us”:

If after watching this video you feel a sense of relief because you have never done anything remotely like what is described here.  If you are sitting in judgement thinking that you could never do these things, you are probably the very person who is most vulnerable to such weakness and the traps of the evil one, and the very person who desperately needs to take heed of the message given on this video.


Add yours

  1. God is really speaking to all of us through His people and His word that the enemy is pouring gas and holding a lighter to marriages – family – the church – the great comission. Forget self help and focus only on the finished work of Jesus. Thanks for the video.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I wholeheartedly agree with what you say in your comment but would really like to know specifically how do you think the enemy is damaging the church right now.


  3. In the context of the video: My perspective is that the enemy is working to destroy the church through a succession of potential traps for believers. This begins with the leadership of men in their marriages. If the man doesnt lead and love like Jesus as an act of worshiping God, the family will likely fall apart. Family is the first ministry of any believer, husband and wife. It’s a generational conduit for God’s word and spirit (a mini church within the church). It would be easy to write pages about this issue, but the bottom line is that while Christian men verbally agree to love their wives as the Christ loved the church, they are unwilling to love God’s word (dig in – study it deeply and personally) and because of this have no concept of what it means to love or lead other than a walk-away text book quote. If a man or woman will completely pour themselves into God’s word and allow Him to work they will see that He is faithful. Both are responsible but the effort must begin with the husband since God appointed him as the leader. When this is subverted by whatever tool the enemy uses, the process is underway. In regard to ministry as a “business” for lack of a better term, the marriage and husband is a bigger target because of his greater influence. Any man who is having success and not living in the discipline of Hebrews 12 constantly checking himself in the mirror of Romans 12 is in deep danger of forgetting what he looks like. The revolting lure of the red carpet is most seductive for an unprunned tree. Men must lead by surrendering all to Christ under the guidance and power of God’s spirit, nothing else wil last.

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