The Spirit of God is the mirror which reveals the truth we refuse to see!

There are not many preachers, pastors and teachers today who deliver the word of God with enough authenticity, transparency and honesty to bring sanctification upon His Church.

The following sermon is without a shadow of a doubt God-inspired.  It is delivered by a person who is desperately seeking after God’s heart and who will not settle for anything less, who will not settle for anything other than the real thing.  He would rather lose his ministry, and his reputation than live a lie.  The Church is crying out today for more men and women like this.

Please watch the video below and link onto this person’s blog to find out what happens when we are honest with ourselves about what Christianity should really mean, and about what it is that we have made it.

I thank God for this person and pray that as He seeks God with all his heart, all his mind and all his strength, he WILL find Him, and that when he gets to that place, the Lord will say: Here is a wonderful man after my own Heart, and in him I am well pleased.

God bless you Britt!

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