99 righteous sheep already in the pen versus the one that got lost. Which will you give your life to?

In this day and age of Christian Leaders’ obsession with filling up churches and creating big followings, it is easy to get caught up in that misconception of what the Great Commission is all about, and paranoid about the fact that we may not have as much of an impact in the world as we would like to.  It is easy when we are sucked into this way of thinking, to feel utterly discouraged that we are not hitting the mark, we are not doing IT, though that IT may be terribly far removed from what it is Jesus called and is still calling his disciples to do.

I have been feeling that discouragement in my own flesh lately as I link onto my blog regularly to discover the number of those who visit it is not as high as it used to be and even more disconcerting is the fact that fewer people are leaving any comments on my posts.  How easy it is in our pride and weakness to forget that none of what we do in the Lord’s name is about us or our egos, but about that lost sheep whom our Lord deemed worthy of giving His life for and even leaving the other 99 behind.  As I read Luke 15, 1-7 just now, I am reminded that it is not those who are already in the sheep-pen; those who for months and sadly even many years in some cases have been sitting in the comfort of the church pews listening to the same sermon marketed in 100 different ways; it is not these that Jesus has called us to reach out to, but the very ones who are lurking around, hiding in dark places looking for answers which they cannot find in mainstream Christianity, in the very circles where those answers should be found.  It is true for so many churches today that if the lost do not come with their tail between their legs, in repentance through the church doors, they will be left to their own devices, because churches and those in them will not lay their life and their agendas down to go out and look for those lost sheep.  Would you ever expect a lost child to find its own way back?  Would you abandon them until they did?  These seem like very obvious questions with very obvious answers, but in fact, a lot of churches today are doing exactly that.  Their mantra is: Come to us or rot in hell! The Lord said that “in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

And so I take courage in the thought that though in the natural it appears that my blog is no longer frequented by as many readers as it used to, in the spiritual there may be something altogether different taking place.  Whilst the number of my readers may be decreasing, there may well be one lost sheep out there who relies on something in these messages to find its way back into the sheep-pen.  It is my prayer that something of what I share here may send out signals of the power in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection so that the one lost sheep who is being totally neglected by the very shepherds who were called to go out and look for them and bring them back, will recognise in the heart behind these posts echoes of its true Shepherd’s voice:  Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

2 thoughts on “99 righteous sheep already in the pen versus the one that got lost. Which will you give your life to?

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  1. Do not be discouraged: God has not called us to be “successful” but only to be faithful. After all, Jesus himself only had a small band of followers and, in the end, most of them abandoned Him at His death. Hang in there!

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