Stories that inspire are a good medicine for the soul

We live in a world inundated with pain, sorrow and even horror.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine that in the midst of all of that, one can find inspiration and the strength to bring some light to all that darkness.  However, there are thousands of inspiring stories out there which fill one with faith, hope and a fighting spirit for all the things that matter in life.  Personally, the light in my moments of darkness is Jesus Christ.  Without Him I would crumble at the first sign of adversity, but His Spirit always raises me up to all that I cannot be on my own strength.

If you live in the UK, you may have recently watched Piers Morgan’s recent interview on Channel 4 with Russell Watson.

I know very little about this singer.  All I know is his music which in itself is a source of inspiration to me.  But we all know that behind an inspiring work of art there is always an inspiring story, an inspiring life, a life well lived, lived to the full. Russell’s seems to be such a story, such a life.  At the peak of his career he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  He received treatment over a period of time and as he was starting to build up his life again which had been shattered by a sudden realisation of its own mortality and vulnerability, he was diagnosed with another brain tumour.  One cannot begin to imagine the fear and the desperation in the midst of such turmoil.  I don’t know the ins and outs of how Russell got through it, but it is evident he has come through the other side a better man, with greater potential and passion for the things that make him tick.   In his interview with Piers he shared that he is still taking medication daily and that without it, he would die as some of the tumour remains. 

I was in floods of tears as he was talking about saying goodbye to his two daughters just before both operations; when he talked about the excruciating pain he endured and how at one stage he contemplated suicide at the prospect of enduring any more of that pain.  Somehow he pulled through and he has now been given a chance to live life to the full.  His music reflects this.  Something has changed within.  He has had a wake up call that has made him reconsider what is most important in life and in his music.  In the link below you will be able to see bits of his new album to be released at the end of November (I have just pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and I cannot wait).  Italian is my favourite language.  It is so utterly beautiful, tender and romantic.  All of the songs in the album are sung in Italian, which for me is just a bonus.  I don’t know whether Russell can speak Italian or not, but he surely does the Italian accent well.  I am Spanish, not Italian, but I have met some Italians in my time and can recognise this easily.   This album promises to be inspirational and a reflection of the journey that Russell has been through to be where he is today.  I have no idea of the musical taste of those who read my blog, but may I encourage you to watch this video and consider purchasing the cd?  

Some people deserve a big break in life because they have through no fault of their own found themselves in a roller-coaster where there seem to be more downs than ups and where the downs never seem to end.  I believe Russell is one of those people, and he deserves a break.   I believe God will give Him that break and through this second chance Russell will make something with his life and his talent which will endure and leave a legacy, which will leave this world a better place.  It is my prayer that this is so and that the Lord brings forward his complete healing so tha he can fulfill his purpose in this world.

I believe Russell will begin a new tour round the UK to promote his new album on March 2011.  I plan to go and see him.  Wild horses will not stop me, even if I have to drag my husband to the concert under false pretences.  I just know it will be a memorable experience!

And Russell, if you ever read this, please know that you are a beautiful man, inside and out!



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  1. No, I don’t Linden.

    Thank you for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed his music and his story. It has certainly inspired me and continues to do so every time I hear him sing.


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