If only we stopped our busyness to listen, …

I am speechless, but at the same time not surprised at all by this.

I was just checking my twitter as I do every now and then, because sometimes I find real gems there; messages, articles, posts, etc which are clearly the result of time spent in God’s presence.  The article on the link below has just been published on that particular website only today, and what was my surprise when I realised the similarities with what I wrote only a few hours ago; when I identified a practically identical message to the one I wrote only this morning on my previous post.  It is rather almost like the answer to the underlying question I posed through my words on that post.  Please pay special attention to Francis Chan’s command at the end of that article to” JUMP”.


Isn’t it just amazing and utterly encouraging how clearly God can speak to us when we actually stop everything we are doing to connect with Him?

Thank you Lord Jesus for this wonderful gift today.


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