I got back from holiday a few days ago, and within hours of touching base with all my cyber space friends and spiritual brothers and sisters, I had two wonderful prophetic messages in my inbox.  The first one was given to me and my husband and it has a personal application, and the second one was given to a wonderful American man whom the Lord introduced into my life at a time of severe crisis in our family.  He came into our lives like an angel providing us with hope and encouragement and his love, care and prayers have not left us since.  The Lord gave him a message as he sat praying and meditating in his back yard, and as the prophetic word came into his spirit, he wondered for days what He should do with this message.  He decided to send it to me, and so having read it and meditated on it, I can see why it would have come to me, as a lot of its content echoes and confirms the gist of the message I have been writing lately about where I see the Western Church heading today.  I thank God everyday for bringing this person into my life.  I feel unworthy of his love and intercession on our behalf, and it is my prayer that the Lord will give me the grace to reciprocate the love and the encouragement that this man has shown to us.

May you be blessed and awoken as you read this timely message.  May you hear the Lord whisper in your ear: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me”.

Prophetic word received on 8/24/2010

As I was seeking God in my back yard, my attention was called to the trees.

We have three acres of property that is covered in hardwood and pine forest.  For seven weeks this summer we did not have a single drop of rain on the property.  Heat indexes well over 100 degrees coupled with winds took a toll on the trees.

As I surveyed the carnage before me, God placed upon my heart a word.

As this land has been parched over the past seven weeks, so the church has been parched over the past seven years.  The hot wind of my spirit has moved among the leaves of the various types of trees, testing the value of the root.

Those who have pulled away from the root of my Word and have trusted in the strength of this present age have dried up and lost their life.  Over the next few years they will wither and fall from their tree.  They will become part of the compost that is blown about and brings new life to nothing.

Yes, I say there is no good thing that can come from political correctness and social alignment.  There is only life in those that are firmly rooted in My Word and in My Son.

Those that have sprung up around the roots of these former giants have pulled away the nourishment My Word provides.  They have taken a beating from the wind of My Holy Spirit but will survive and bring forth new foliage.  The green of spring will return to these that have stayed rooted in My Word.

The struggle of the giants will continue.  They have locked themselves into what they can create themselves.  Their theology is flawed in that they no longer have a relationship with Me.  They do not know My call, they listen to the voice of the world. 

The cause of the darter fish will bring a feeling of security and a sense of accomplishment, but these causes will not open doors to My kingdom. 

The fiery wind has raged, their branches have weakened and are brittle.  They are no good for anything except to be tossed into the fire.

Look into the forest, there is life, those that have survived the heat of the past seven years.  On this I will build my new forest.  Unlike the forest of the past, these will remain small and wiry.  They will be prolific and will be creative in their growth.  They will seek after deeper and stronger relationships with Me.

I will bless them and will nourish them with the rain of My Spirit.  Coupled with the foundation of My Word, they will cover the earth.  Great forests will spread across the previously barren and untouched places.  The power of my people will set my enemies to flight.

There will be no place the enemy can hide.  My church will be there, speaking the blood of Jesus and exerting authority over all. 

The day of my judgment has come for my enemy.  I will stand and walk amid the forest of My church.  I will bring life once again to this land.


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  1. thank u for sharing. God is truly up to something…. He always has been and always will be…. but it’s just great when He opens our hearts & eyes to be able to SEE Him working! I want to participate in what He’s doing and I pray for Him to help me ABIDE and stay plugged in to the vine!

  2. Hi Randy,

    Great to hear from you again.

    You would not believe the various different sources from which I am getting the same prophetic word. The face of The Church at large is definitely changing and hopefully that change will be a reflection of the greater change taking place deep within it.

    It is therefore of the utmost importance that we develop great intimacy and periods of solitude with our Lord so that we learn to recognise his voice and we are not blown by the different winds in our midst at present. It is only the wind of the Spirit that we must pay attention to and where it is heading.

    May you be blessed at this special time in the life of The Church.


  3. Hi Mercedes, I accept this word you just gave as from God. All that you have written lines up exactly with the word. While I feel saddened for those who are not with Christ, I take joy in knowing that our God is with his people and will save us in the end. Through all that we go through, Jesus and his legions of angels are with us. The battles we face will not be lost and not one believer will succumb to the enemy. God is more than able to protect and guard us. I think that I have to apply that truth daily in my life. When the winds of trouble get too big for me, I just remember that Christ is and always will be the Master over the wind!

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