I am away today for three weeks so won’t write again til my return, but I wanted to leave you with a message which I believe is from God.  Do not fear, it does not come through me but through a Christian brother. http://prophetgene.blogspot.com/2010/08/prophetic-shift-that-took-place-over.html

Please read it carefully.  This is someone whom I have never met.  I happened to be led to him through a comment we both left on someone else’ blog.  God’s ways are mysterious but always accurate and always with a Godly purpose in mind, a perfect design and execution. His ways could never be our ways.  He blows my mind!

When you read this guys’ post entitled “A prophetic shift that took place over the weekend of July 30th-August 2nd.” , please then read my last post “I quit churchianity” and you will understand why today is a milestone day for me.  Today is the beginning of a new spiritual season for me.  I have been dragging my feet along a dessert.  I have become very lost at times, but always had a glimmer of hope that in time I would return to the right path and retake where I left off.  Friends have abandoned me along the way, very close spiritual connections have been severed which hurt like a knife at the time, and this period of drought has even nearly cost me my marriage at times, as I have been paralysed and drawn to my knees in search of that elusive drink which quenches thirst like no water can, that manna that sustains when all else fails.  The spiritual ties to my church have finally been cut, and the spiritual strongholds which sought to control and manipulate my journey no longer have power over me.  Today I am free again.  Today I have found that oasis I once took for granted.  Today there are green meadows and pastures all around me, today is a new dawn and a new day. Life will never be the same again and my faith is taken up to a new level.  All praise be to God, all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

See you in three weeks’ time.

God bless you!

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