If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I do not believe in coincidences.  Hours after writing my last post, a person who is a supporter of the Salvation Army in America added me to the list of people he follows on Twitter.  When I checked his link, this led me to various videos about the Salvation Army, through which our “Help to Feed the Homeless” initiative has come to be and thrive.  I knew little about the Salvation Army before God placed the burden of this initiative in our hearts, but ever since we started, I have been discovering more and more about it, and been drawn with greater intensity by the purity and simplicity of their ethos, and their hands-on approach to faith and salvation.  They are an inspiration to me and an example of how to live out my faith as Jesus would have us live it out.

William Booth from whom quotes have been taken and put on this video below is the founder of the Salvation Army back in 1865.  The message in this video  is a call to arms, a call to arms in the Christian battle between what is Holy and what is Evil, a call to bring light into dark places, a call to bring restoration where there is devastation by the evil one.  That call rings so true deep in my heart and little of what I see taking place in churches today echoes what is expressed on this video, and so I am so grateful to the Lord for placing the Salvation Army in my path and for making me part of this glorious quest.  I know is going to be costly and I know much will have to change in my life before I am worthy of taking part in such a battle, but I also know that in pursuing this vision, I will become part of something more real and compelling than the air that I breath.

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