The measure of spiritual maturity is ……

I have been away on holiday for the past week and never before has the saying “The grass is greener on the other side” become more poignant than during this time away.  We travelled with our caravan for only a couple of hours and there we were in the middle of the New Forest, England.  “The grass is greener” mindset suddenly became so clear as we enjoyed this luscious landscape full of wonderful woodlands, scents and colour.  It is true that we often wish for what we cannot have, we long to visit those places far away which in the distance seem more magical and appealing than what we have right outside our door, and so it was in this case, that I was mesmerised by the true beauty of what lied just a few miles from where we live.  All this time, always setting our sights further afield, taking for granted the wonders that God has placed so near us, so accessible to us.  Doesn’t this just sum up the tragedy of our lives lived always wishing we could have what we don’t, go to places we cannot or be with someone we should not, have the ministries which do not suit our gifting or character?  And so like the hamster stuck on the wheel, we continue going round in circles wasting and neglecting the very things, people, ministries and places which God himself has chosen for each of us.

Anyway, that was just a little reflection I had during my holiday which I felt like sharing here in my space.

I have been following Legacy Church – – for quite some time now.  They are in Charleston, USA and I am in the UK, but God in His wisdom is able to link people together for His Purposes.  God has often spoken right into my heart and personal situations through the prophetic voice of Pastor Kevin Baird.  On this occasion, it is God’s wisdom through Pastor Baird’s wife, Tracie, that I have been blessed to receive and I would like to share this with you today. Some of the statements below are paraphrased from Tracie’s sermon.  Others are just statements she quoted from someone else.  If you want to hear her sermon in full, go to iTunes and type in Legacy Cathedral podcasts.  Her sermon is called “The tests of Ministry Preparation – Part 2”.  I hope you are blessed by it as much as I have been.  Here are some of those weighty, timely and meaty statements to ponder on and pray about:

  • If you only pray when you are going through a rough time, you WILL go through a lot of rough times, because God wants a relationship with you.


  • Are you a Christian leader who has begun to believe his/her own press? If so, you need to repent and go back to basics: humility and servanthood


  • Some Christian leaders need to go to Boot Camp to have their will broken, so that they can begin to lead the people of God according to HIS will.


  • Are you a Christian leader? Ask yourself this question: Can your character live up 2 your gifting? If not, God may soon put you up on the shelf.


  • The measure of true spiritual maturity is the length of time a person can wait between achieving a ministry and being recognised for it.

2 thoughts on “The measure of spiritual maturity is ……

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    1. Hi Gladwell,

      I found those quotes heavy too, but all good things are costly and require effort on our part.

      Thank you very much for your encouragement.

      Keep in touch.


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