I pray to be only YOURS

My mind is wrestling with a whole load of bad stuff this morning, and I don’t seem to be able to shift it.  The burden of it all is weighing me down.   I cry to God to take me to a different place, a familiar place which fills me with peace and quietens my soul, and within minutes, I come across this beautiful song which is so timely in my life, having witnessed my mum’s miraculous healing and rescue from the claws of death. 

If your spiritual muscle is at risk of atrophy, be blessed with HOPE. JESUS IS OUR ONLY HOPE.

2 thoughts on “I pray to be only YOURS

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  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for sending me an e-mail regarding this post!

    Sometimes I consider our faith journey like that of the changing of seasons.

    In the Fall and Winter things begin to die and become still and the earth is blanketed with white snow, it’s cold and well at times very beautiful but it’s true that nothing grows during the Winter season.

    The Spring time everything tends to be happening. New life is birthed and well I can find that Spring is the most difficult because as life happens it is like old wounds are touched and felt in a new and fresh way and so for this reason life can be most difficult but I see that there is this awakening to possabilities.

    And so I look at the challenges that are ahead of me, the pain that sometimes comes in and interupts my day but I look to my God who has been forever always good to me and somehow I am stirred from within onward towards His destiny and calling in my life.

    I know my Creator and my Creator knows me. It is here I find rest. It is also here truth becomes Joy and not a burden.

    I pray God’s blessing on you, may you find peace where you walk, the comfort of Holy Spirit, and find fellowship with Christ and this new and refreshed understanding of what it means to be a Daughter. Amen.

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