The true horror of Haiti seen through the eyes of a Christian

You have got to watch this, but be warned: it is not for the faint-hearted.

2 thoughts on “The true horror of Haiti seen through the eyes of a Christian

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  1. I couldn’t listen to this man’s speech, not because he is bad, but because I realized he was saying things I already know. So…my question may have been answered if I had listened to the whole thing. Does he ever mention how the US government is the main reason Haiti is in the shape it is in, well actually, was in, before the quake even happened? The US gov has oppressed Haiti so much, they need US help now. This is how Imperialism and Terrorism works, this is how the US gov has always done it.

  2. I don’t think yoy can presume to know the things this man is saying on the video unless you watch it, because he is sharing his personal testimony of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. If you had watched the whole thing you would have known that this man’s heart is not seeking to find blame for the state of a country before or after an earthquake, but to draw deep compassion from those who hear his testimony so that those who can, WILL do something to help.

    Whilst I think there is some truth in what you are saying, seeking someone to blame is pointless in this instance. What we need to do collectively is reach into our pockets and resources and give what we can to make a difference to the hell these people are living in right now.

    Don’t wait for the goverment to move, make a difference yourself. Do what is in your power to make a difference, however small you may think it is. If you are not a politician already, become one so that you can begin to turn the tide of where you feel previous people have gone wrong.

    Thank you for your comment

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