I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Brandon whom the Lord placed in my path over a year ago.  We lost touch and by God’s grace and providence we have now re-established communication.  I know 2009 has been an awful year for you Brandon, as it has been for me too, and I sense 2010 may not be all that much better by the world’s standards, but in the midst of all the shaking off of those things which entangle us and deviate us from the path to freedom and Christ-likeness, one thing remains for you and I and all those who have put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is His love and direction in our lives, and the knowledge that no matter what gets thrown our way, as the fire of affliction increases, so does the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, the spiritual insight and revelation which gives us a glimpse of what lies beyond, an unwavering sense that no pain and hurt in this life can compare to the joy that we will experience when we finally witness the true glory of our Lord.

You have been in my heart often over these last few days and today as I am back home from a holiday in my homeland of Spain where I have spent the last two weeks with my parents, brothers and sisters and rest of the family, I realise nothing matters more to me than the people with whom I share the revelation of what is yet to come, and the hope that lies within us.  My blood ties somehow have lost the power and the influence they used to exert over my life.   There is a deeper calling that draws me now, a quiet inner voice that draws me to a secret peaceful place where no one, nothing can touch me.  And so it is that though the world around me is falling apart in so many different ways, and my future and that of my family is hanging in the balance,  I am putting my trust in someone so much bigger than any of it, someone so much more powerful and lasting than any of this.  I am keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus and the way he drew strength from the father until His very last breath.

Brandon and all those who are reading this now and feel it is hard to keep the faith when so many around us live as if pleasure, fame, money and personal gain is all that there is to look forward to whilst we live on this earth, please listen to the song below and be inspired.  Let the power of the Spirit rekindle the flame that was once ignited by God’s grace.  It is my belief that as the temperature rises up, our love for the Lord will not grow cold, but will burn all the brighter and more intense.  It is my belief that as the pain of affliction and rejection is inflicted on us; as the arrows of the enemy continue to come thick and fast, we will be equipped with an even greater strength and inner peace and security which will astound those around us.  It will be that inexplicable walk in victory before the battle is over that will make the enemy and his allies doubt their own power and fate and as their self-confidence shakes, the light of Jesus Christ in us will shine all the more brighter, and those who do not have Jesus in their life will be so blinded and disoriented by such brightness that in their despair will surrender to the will of The One who breathed us all into existence.  They will finally recognise that there is no one greater, because He is Holy.  It is my prayer and wish for 2010 that those who are walking in blindness, will by God’s grace, have the veil removed from their eyes and finally see the world around them with spiritual eyes, with a heaven perspective.  It is my prayer that they will accept and welcome Jesus Christ into their lives, because He is the only One that, when all is said and done, WILL STILL REMAIN AND REIGN.


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  1. Mercedes, it is truly about our relationship with Him. For many years I thought I loved the lord. I was proud of my faith and my understanding of the word. Then He allowed it all to be taken away and what remained was tested in many different fires. In the end, it was all about having an intimate relationship with Him.

    Your words are full of passion and I can feel your faith “rising up again”.

    May God richly bless you in 2010. Prepare yourself for an outpourning of blessings like you never thought possible. He has heard the groanings of your heart and has felt the passion of your breath. In you, he is well pleased.

    Your friend

  2. Dear David,

    Thank you for your very encouraging comment. It is great to hear from you again and of course to have your insights and wisdom. I hope and pray your daughter’s health is on the mend and that she is filled with trust in God and supernatural strength to cope with her illness.

    Whilst my words are full of passion, when I read my own posts afterwards, it’s almost like it is not me writing those words, for when I finish writing a post and I get back to my daily chores and routine, my faith begins to dwindle again and doubt and fear begin to creep in.

    Writing on my blog is a form of praise and prayer for me if you like; the antidote to fear and the lies of the enemy, prophetic praying where there are things I anticipate in the spiritual realm which are not quite taking place just yet in the natural, but I am believing they will in time, and I am hanging on to that hope in faith. However, the reality is that in my daily living I fall amazingly short of the great faith warriors from times past.

    I am so grateful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to write and feed from the vision of what is to come.

    God bless you.

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