The content of this video challenges me a great deal!

Do you think I feel sorry for this person?  Quite frankly when I watch that video, I feel sorry for myself, because that guy is doing the most with what God has given him.  He is not wallowing in self-pity and worrying about what he lacks, but instead, he is picking himself up, drawing strength from God and using ALL he has to bless others.  What is Christianity? THAT IS.  What have we made it into?  Everything except that.   Is that why so many do not have the time for church and what Christians have to say?  Quite likely.

Do you want to know what faith that moves mountains is? It is the power of God which dwells within this man and many other, and which supernaturally allows him to see himself not as the world sees him: disabled, dependant, needy, desperate, inferior, pitiful, BUT AS GOD, his creator and Father, created Him to be: a fighter, a warrior, an apostle, victorious, strong as an ox, determined, unbreakable, a far superior being than any of us, the apple of God’s eye, destined to conquer in battle and to receive a glorious crown and eternal joy when he goes to meet His Father. 

Why is he happy?  Because he is living out God’s vision for His life.  Why does he come across as complete when in the world’s eyes he is lacking so very much? Because he is walking into the life which God gave him with acceptance, joy, faith and a clear sense of purpose.  He is maximizing the power of what God has blessed him with and using it to bring praise and glory to God.  He is walking by faith and not by sight and when we do that, our heart and soul line up with the heart and spirit of God with such symmetry and harmony that we become partakers of what God is; we begin to see our life and the world through God’s eyes.  When that happens, there is peace within and nothing to fear.


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  1. Life and God have not always dealt me what you would call a great hand to play out. It seems the cards are usually stacked against me. Maybe, most of us Christians feel that way from time to time, right?

    Well, in this video, Nick Vujicic has every right to complain and give up; and yet, he doesn’t. He understands the greatest miracle of all eternity: Nick is loved by God and has a purpose in God’s kingdom.


    1. Hi Larry,

      Wow indeed! I know what you are saying. I know some of the things you have gone through and it is nothing short of miraculous that you have got through them too. And then we see someone like Nick and it immediately hits us: Oh us of little faith! How sickening when I think what a stinking attitude I have when things do not go my way. Much repentance is needed. God is so patient with me, with us!

  2. The only thing that we need is God’s power in our life. He will show us how to work around everything else. Nick is an example of having complete trust in the Creator no matter what the circumstance!

    1. We all know these things but it is a question of having the heart knowledge and not just the head knowledge. The only way to live out what we know to be true is by spending time in God’s presence throughout the day, not in a legalistic kind of way, but as an intricate part of everything we say, think and do.

      The moment God becomes just another chore, duty, or guilt trip, we have lost that oneness that allows us to live out the faith that moves mountains. It is so easily done, it’s scary.

    1. Hi Alece,

      I continue to pray for your hurt to heal and to unearth the massive potential that lies within that mustard seed. Remember that it is in the fiery furnace where gold is perfected and impurities removed. It is costly but the outcome will leave you speechless. You are a gem in the making!

  3. I have just watched the clip through. What an amazing man and an amazing faith. He is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It is always so exciting to hear a new voice tapping into what I am trying to share through this blog.

      I know, Nick is an amazing person and I do hope you managed to go to the link I forwarded for his website and the ministry that him and his team are doing. Nick is a wake up call to all of us, or he should be and I hope and trust the Lord has imprinted his message in my heart for eternity.

  4. Oh thanks for sharing this……I have seen Nick preach a few times (on TV) and it just blows me away to see his energy, his enthusiasm for life. Here I am kicking the dirt when a few minor events don’t play out the way I want them too….it’s shameful.

    This also confirms to me, that *every* life created by God has a purpose.

    I really needed this…..I am in the middle of my own pity party……table for one please…..and I know God does not want me to be here. Thank you for being another vessel to deliver His message today.


    1. Dear Michelle

      You are a blessing to me too. It is like two very different people who underneath all the layers are ONE and the same. I love the way God does that.

      I hope you will have a more peaceful day today. Just remember that when you get angry, and I am saying this to myself as well as you, the enemy is jumping up and down with joy, because He is getting to witness what He wants most: us losing our peace and trust in God’s ability to display His power in our weakness. If you are being a target of that, it is because you are being a light in the darkness around us so take courage and keep the faith.

      With love and prayers,


  5. Amazing, truly amazing! I think what makes it so amazing to me is seeing God’s power at work in Nick. As I thought about this, the scriptures in James 1 and Rom 5 came to mind about faith and endurance. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

    I also want to comment on your comment to Michelle regarding anger and what the enemy is trying to do. It helps me to hear that because I was feeling angry Monday, and I’m not sure I even know why, but it was there and very real. I prayed and asked God to take it away because I didn’t want to be that way for whatever reason. God is faithful and He (at some point) took it away, but it was really strange. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Thank you for sharing this for I’m reminded of what I have heard more than once recently, that God has called me to commitment, not comfort, and that He is more interested in my character and my becoming more like Christ.

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    How could I not share this the moment I saw it? It was such a breath of fresh air for me. I figured if it had such an impact on me, it would touch everybody else in a similar way and it looks like it has.

    There is something extremely real and authentic about Nick’s testimony. It is raw faith and the attacks of the enemy cannot prevail against it.

  7. Mercedes

    Debbie and I just watched the above clips and a few others that come up, very inspirational and humbling.

    thanks for sharing

    Ivor & Debbie

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