A dear friend left the comment below on my last post.  I would like to use this new post today to reply to her comment, but before you read it, I would urge you to watch the video I published on that last post so that you can understand where we are coming from.

She wrote:

It’s interesting you would write this.  I believe the Lord is truly at work in His church to be the church and not just go to church or “do church”.  I know He’s up to something good in the body of Christ if we would only listen and cooperate with what He desires to do through us.  Just last month, God dealt with me and laid it on my heart to sponsor a child through another organization, and although I just recently started writing and praying for this child, it is such a blessing to do so.  This is not something I ever dreamed or thought of doing, but God placed  this little boy on my heart, and I couldn’t say no, and at that moment I was determined to do it.

The video is very touching, and maybe some day I’ll be able to meet the child I’m sponsoring.  I don’t know, but for all I know, the Lord may be working in me to sponsor yet another precious child, and if that’s what He wants, then I know He will provide.  Poverty may seem so overwhelming to us, and we may think “what can I possibly do” but I believe God is showing me that even one person CAN make a difference.

May the Lord Jesus help us not to be complacent or take for granted what we have been given that others do not have.  Has not God blessed us to be a blessing?  The Lord has challenged me lately with this statement…

“If ALL my earthly possessions were removed, would Jesus be enough?”

I replied:

I couldn’t agree more.  People often ask why is there suffering in the world?  Why does God allow for so many to suffer so much?  I certainly do not have the answer to that question, but I do understand why he allows suffering and trials in my own life.  Without them I would not have God in my life today, so as painful as they are, I rejoice in the fact that by his grace HE FOUND ME in the midst of my indifference and selfishness.

I cannot explain why a loving God allows for such tragedies to take place in our world, and so I often try to turn that question around and ask myself: Why is it that I am on this side of the world, with so much, so many blessings which I have done nothing to earn or deserve?  How am I different to the poor child who is dying of starvation in Africa or to the child who out of basic needs is driven to prostitution in Brazil? The answer always comes back loud and clear:  I am no different to any of God’s other children, but it is through his grace and mercy that I live where I live and that I have the blessings that I have, and so when that realisation really sinks in, I feel ashamed, remorseful and then compelled to share of what I have.  To keep all our blessings to ourselves would be a travesty, a serious offence against humanity and worse still an abomination to our Lord who gave it all so that we could live with our Heavenly Father in eternity. 

You are absolutely right, if the day comes when all Christians, churches, ministries and pastors are stripped away of all their resources and financial support, will they then still be able to fulfill their purpose solely through their faith and love of Jesus?  Will their zeal to spread the gospel and to touch others’ lives be so on fire, so driven or will the house that was built on sand (money, glory, self-edification, others’ approval and praise, men’s own agendas) collapse and be washed away by the current  of culture, lack of faith and rampant evil in our world?   Will it drown by the weight of submission and surrender to the pressure to conform to the wishes and convictions of the vast majority?

And despite the simplicity and clarity of this revelation, Christian leaders, of all people, continue to invest millions in buildings, programs and more infrastructure to ensure the preservation of their roles within the system, instead of using ALL of God’s financial resources to rescue the orphans and the widows, the poor and the hungry.  Yes, wealthy people need the love of Jesus too and they need to hear the gospel, but as Jesus said “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  In other words, so long as we continue to cling to material wealth, we will be unable to understand God’s heart.  You can talk to a wealthy person about sharing until you are blue in the face, but so long as that person’s wealth remains, you will be engaging in a really up-hill struggle.  Money and possessions become an impenetrable wall between Jesus and people.  Sometimes it will take God’s mercy and grace to bring judgement upon his people and break down that wall, withdraw that security AND THEN, AND ONLY THEN, you acquire a new heart, new eyes, a new understanding, a revelation of the need that is drowning so many in despair; ONLY THEN, will your heart be torn and turned from a heart of stone into a heart of flesh.

The day is coming when God will strip His Church away of all that is not of Him, of all that has been built by the hand and hearts of men and not by the Spirit.  A day will come when the layers of The Church as it stands today will be peeled off and the ugly face of pride, apostasy, idolatry and disobedience will finally appear for everyone to see.  On that day, it is only those whose heart has been broken by the things that break the Lord’s heart, who will stand; it is only those who will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who LOVE HIM ABOVE ALL THINGS, AND LOVE EACH OTHER AS THEMSELVES.


Add yours

  1. God is so amazingly awesome! I recently heard an inspiring and encouraging testimony that reminded me of how with God all things are possible. I was listening to a Christian radio station and a lady called in and shared how faithful God is. She shared how her husband only makes $10 an hour, they have 4 children, and her husband had some health problems which resulted in additional medical bills. She said the Lord laid it on her heart to step out in faith and give $20 a month to support this Christian radio station. She told her husband and he was all for it. She said they have been giving for the last 6 months and have seen God meet all their needs, even with the medical bills and 4 children on only $10 an hour!

    That reminds me of how I have seen God provide in my own life. I find it interesting that I earn considerably less than what I made several years ago at another job when I did not give much, but now that I earn less and give as God leads me to give, somehow He continues to provide; I don’t know how He does it, but He does and it all works out. It’s interesting how things work in God’s economy. I believe I’m finding it to be true that “you can not out give God” as I have heard it said. In all the years of my life, I can honestly say that the Lord has never failed to provide for myself and my family. He is always faithful.

    In a movie I watched recently, someone said that a lot of Christians have the idea that serving God and the enjoyment of material prosperity are synonymous. They went on to say that sometimes God’s greatest blessings come to a man when he finds himself stripped of all the temporal securities he’s always depended upon, so he can fully enjoy the thrill of childlike trust in almighty God.

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