Can we fight world poverty? YES, here is a start

I will soon be writing the second part of my post entitled “It definitely does what it says on the tin”, but I just wanted to draw your attention to a very moving video I found today.

Do you ever wonder whether it is possible to wipe out world poverty? Well, Jesus did say that the poor we will always have with us, but he also commanded his followers to look after the orphans and the widows, to feed the poor, and so I invite you to watch this video and grasp the vision that although it may not be possible to erase all poverty in the world, we can certainly have a good shot at it. Compassion is an organisation which has been dedicated to this very crusade for years now and is doing a wonderful job of establishing relationships between those who want to help and those who need that help.

When we touch a life by financially supporting it, we are doing so much more than just giving away of our money. We create a domino effect which becomes unstoppable because the heart of God is at the center of it. As we help one life to overcome the claws of poverty and neglect, that life becomes empowered and inspired to in turn touch in equal measure the lives of those who find themselves in a similar predicament to that of that very person. The miracle that takes place is such, the evidence of a life redeemed from the pit is so clear that the person’s testimony becomes the catalyst for change in that family, that village, that community, that city and eventually even a country. I believe that it is possible. I believe that God is more than able, if only we were willing.

Do you want to change the world or at least contribute to making it a better place? It takes more than just wanting, it takes putting our words into action, and so I invite you today to begin a new domino effect in the world by sharing of what you have with those who have nothing. When we leave this world, we leave it and everything in it, but the domino effect triggered by your compassion and generosity will continue to take its course long after you are gone. Wouldn’t you like to leave something behind that amounts to more than just your family, friends and possessions?

If you have been touched by this video and would like what you saw to become a reality in your own life, click on the link below and become a child sponsor, get that first domino into motion.

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  1. It’s interesting you would write this. I believe the Lord is truly at work in His church to be the church and not just go to church or “do church”. I know He’s up to something good in the body of Christ if we would only listen and cooperate with what He desires to do through us. Just last month, God dealt with me and laid it on my heart to sponsor a child through another organization, and although I just recently started writing and praying for this child, it is such a blessing to do so. This is not something I ever dreamed or thought of doing, but God placed this little boy on my heart, and I couldn’t say no, and at that moment I was determined to do it.

    The video is very touching, and maybe some day I’ll be able to meet the child I’m sponsoring. I don’t know, but for all I know, the Lord may be working in me to sponsor yet another precious child, and if that’s what He wants, then I know He will provide. Poverty may seem so overwhelming to us, and we may think “what can I possibly do” but I believe God is showing me that even one person CAN make a difference.

    May the Lord Jesus help us not to be complacent or take for granted what we have been given that others do not have. Has not God blessed us to be a blessing? The Lord has challenged me lately with this statement…

    “If ALL my earthly possessions were removed, would Jesus be enough?”

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