Is Jesus alive today? If you are sceptical, I challenge you to watch this.

Walk by Faith and Not by Sight by Heart Windows Art.


This post is primarily addressed to those who do not believe in God and also to those who may believe in God but who think Jesus Christ was just a prophet, or a spiritual teacher who lived 2,000 years ago.  It is also addressed to those who embrace Christianity, but who are only willing to look at it with rose-tinted glasses.  These are the ones who believe that God is love but deny the existence of Satan, its powerful influence in the world, and the spiritual battle which is taking place in our midst and which will conclude when Jesus Christ returns.

Please be warned that when you watch the video on the link below, your heart will be broken.  You will hear the testimony of a man whose parents were involved in witchcraft when he was a little boy; they were devil worshippers, and as such, rejected this child in the most cruel of manners, through physical and mental abuse, even to the point of death, as the influence of the devil was such amongst this family that this child was driven to attempt suicide as a result of the mental turmoil and unbearable emotional pain.  By God’s mercy and providence, his brother appeared in the scene just in the nick of time to dissuade him from doing so.  I do not wish to give it all away, because I believe one has to judge for themselves whether what they are hearing rings truth to them or not, so I want you to have the opportunity to watch and hear this in the privacy of your own home and make up your own mind.  This man’s testimony is well known, because of the radical transformation he underwent in one single day from being involved in all sorts of evil and crime as the former leader of the notorious New York city gang the Mau-Maus during the 1940s, to feeling the presence of Jesus Christ within his very soul with such power and clarity that to this day his sole purpose in life has been to impact the lives of those who are trapped in evil pursuits, by sharing his remarkable story.

But one does not have to look at the lives of those who mix in circles of violence and evil to know that we all fight such forces in our own lives in one way or another.  I can think of many behaviours, attitudes and actions which are rooted in evil, that threaten on a daily basis peace and stability, contentment and happiness for the vast majority of us, whether you are a believer or not: greed, lust, addiction, fear, jealousy, slander, gossip, lying, selfishness, gluttony, envy, and these are just a few.   These are all arrows that come our way each day and which if not recognised for what they are, for the purpose and intent with which they have been placed in our path, they will destroy the things that we have fought so hard to have in our lives: marriage, family, loyalty, integrity, peace, joy, health and a sound mind, truthfulness, sincerity, coherence, love, humility, generosity, compassion, self-control, patience, kindness, respect, dignity, etc.

Man alone is incapable of fighting, overcoming or destroying such opponents, but  when you accept that Jesus lives and you ask him to come into your life and guide you through each of these daily battles, daily temptations which we all encounter, He will make Himself known to you in a very personal way, in a way which no matter how hard you try to deny or pretend is not happening, you will fail.  The fantastic thing is that with that conviction also comes the ability to repent and seek forgiveness and once you take those steps, you become a new person, you are given a new pair of eyes, you are blessed with the insight to see evil for what it is and you are given all the warning signs to prevent you from falling in the same trap again.  Yes, one continues to make mistakes and to let themselves and others down every now and then, but now you are blessed with a special discernment that you did not have before, with spiritual eyes that lead you and guide to see the dangers ahead before it is too late.  It is like an invisible protective coat that although not visible to the naked eye, you yourself know it is there and can have the reassurance that you will not be fighting in your own strength.  Without Jesus being the lamp to your feet, you will stumble for the rest of your life, and the restlessness and the yearning for internal peace will follow you all the days of your life.

Please once you click on the link below, allow a couple of minutes for the video to be loaded.  If you click on the play button too soon, your computer screen may freeze. 

Peace to you.

The link to this video is:


2 thoughts on “Is Jesus alive today? If you are sceptical, I challenge you to watch this.

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  1. wow, this is an awesome post, and something i have felt strongly about as well. So many are missing the big picture, and the beauty of Jesus being GOD’s son, and being GOD…and doing it all for us. i will wrote something later this weekend and ping back here if thats okay with you. Peace

    1. Hi Darla,

      Thank you for your comment and of course you can ping back to my post from your next post. The more than get to hear the message, the better.


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