Years ago my husband and I had a vision.  At the time, we did not think anything of it and put it down to too much cheese that evening and an overactive mind.  What we saw was so amazing and terrifying at the same time that it was impossible to find a plausible explanation, so instead we did what many do when God is trying to break through into their busy lives: we ignored such an out of the ordinary, inexplicable event and we carried on with our all too important lives, because trying to explain or interpret what had just happened to us was too much of a challenge, too much of an up-hill struggle.  It was much easier to just shut our eyes and pretend we never saw what we saw.  Today I am absolutely sure that before and after that time there must have been many times when God was trying to draw us into His presence, but this particular one is the one that will remain in my mind forever as if it had only happened yesterday, because since the blinders came off and I understood the true message of Christianity, I have come to understand the magnitude of what happened to my husband and I that very night.

At the time this vision took place, we were living in Southport, Merseyside in rented accommodation.  We were living together and we were engaged to be married.  Though we were both Christians in name, nothing in our lives reflected our perceived identity.  Christianity was just something that had been passed on to us through our parents, but we had no real understanding of what it really meant and no real inclination either to explore further something that had been imposed on us from such an early age.  We were your typical “Christian by default” who has not got a clue about the immensity of such a calling, but who likes to be known as a Christian when their integrity, ethics, or dignity are being closely observed or put into question.  All we cared for in the world was our own future and that of our loved ones.  We had no sense of altruism or compassion for the perils of the millions of souls who suffer around the world.  Our lives, our pleasure, our dreams, that was what constituted our world and everything we did in life was geared up to procure our own happiness.  Though we felt we had it all together, spiritually we were going down hill and fast.  We were consumed by jealousy, ambition, lust, pride, greed, selfishness and the list goes on.

One night as we were sleeping, my husband (fiance at the time) and I were simultaneously awoken by what we thought at the time had been a nightmare.  Interestingly we both saw the same thing on the very same second in the very same terrifying manner.  We both jumped up on our bed as we saw coming out of the bedroom ceiling right above our heads a massive Samurai type of sword.  The sword was pointing straight onto us as it came down.  It was absolutely terrifying.  One second it was there, the next it was gone but what was clear is that we both saw exactly the same thing.  I don’t know how we managed, but after a while we both fell asleep again.  Interestingly and although still lacking in spiritual discernment and biblical knowledge, we have both managed in these last few years to retain in our memories the very image of that sword just as we saw it that night and the fear and trembling that it made us feel at that very moment.  I had many nightmares prior to that night, but til the day I die I will remember that very moment.  This vision took place 15 years ago.

Much has happened to us as a couple since then.  Our marriage nearly broke down 6 years ago and it was at that very point, our lowest ever, that we got to know that Jesus truly lives and truly heals, and that God has ordained all the days of our life for a purpose.  As our marriage hanged by a thread and we struggle to sail through the turbulent waters of broken trust,  we became increasingly hungry and thirsty for discovering more about the God who we had supposedly believed in for all those years previous.  We started earnestly seeking, and as we sought we found answers to questions, explanations to situations where confusion had reigned before.  We understood the crisis in our marriage as a “Phoenix rising from the ashes” moment, re-birth by death, a necessary evil which had to take place in order for God to be able to break into our all too sheltered and perfectly controlled lives.

To be continued in Part 2

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