Sadly, the time has come for me to say goodbye to my wonderful friends, readers and fellow writers who have been following me closely since I started writing on my blog.  I wish I could give you a specific reason why I am stopping writing posts on my blog for the time being, but I can’t.  It is one of those moments in your life when you know something is coming to an end, whether you like it or not.  I have felt very much like this before on other occasions when I knew God had led me to start something and in the very same way after a while He led me to realise it was time to move on.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have time after time kindly guided and encouraged me through their comments and our fascinating email discussions and exchanges on how God works in us and through us.  I have made some very special acquaintances on the net, which I hope over time will become solid friendships.  You may think it strange, even impossible, but I have felt more loved in some of my friendships through the net than I have ever done from some of the friends I have here at home.  The reason for that?  When there is a spiritual bond and a genuine passion and heart for the will of God, love becomes unconditional and it is given out in abundance every single time without expecting nothing in return, which is normally what does not happen with friendships in the natural realm.  The principle behind worldly friendships obeys much more to the idea of “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” and “When I have no use for you in my life, when you contribute nothing to where I want to go or you have become an obstacle on my path because you reveal ugly truths about myself, then I just wake up one morning and pretend I never knew you.”  Godly friendships are exactly the opposite to that.  You can go months without hearing from someone, and the moment you get in touch again, it is like time has not moved and you are just carrying on where you left off.  How amazing and unbreakable are the bonds created by the Spirit of God.

Although I will not be writing on the blog, I will still keep it open for people to comment on old posts and even to read some of my older stuff.  You can continue contacting me on my email and I will definitely keep reading your stuff and writing to you.  Please continue to write to me with specific prayer requests or anything concerning you as you have done in the past. 

One of you recently told me that you had a dream about meeting me and you know very well by now I believe God speaks to us through dreams, so watch the space, when God places something in your heart, it normally becomes a reality sooner or later, but always in God’s perfect timing.  Keep the faith, love each other, forgive every single time and do everything as onto the Lord for anything else will fall to the ground and die.

Peace to you all,


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  1. You will be DEARLY missed!! I pray that your leading is not due to difficulty, suffering, or trials, but if so, may the Lord encourage, comfort, and strengthen you through each day.

    Perhaps this time away will be more like a furlough than “retirement.” I will be looking for you again! I’ve also prayed about blogging, and if it’s really what the Lord wants at this time, and I’m not sure…but if by some means, Christ is proclaimed, than “I rejoice, yes, I will rejoice.” Philippians 1:18

    Miss you and may the Lord lead you daily into means of ministering His truth and grace to others, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      I just wanted to thank you from the heart for your encouraging words which you left as a comment to my last post. It is always so uplifting to know that my words do get read and hopefully would have touched some people.

      I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like my inspiration, the Holy Spirit, has left me or to be more exact and honest, I have left it. I am not praying as much lately or reading the bible, and I cannot continue to be real and transparent, if the source of my inspiration has become me instead of the Holy Spirit. I am feeling down at the moment because of my decision to stop the blog, but at the same time I feel like there is nothing left to give, at least for now. I am not the kind of person who can write a post everyday. Each time I write a new post, it takes me hours of preparing and editing and it does take a lot of my time which I feel I should be investing in prayer and bible study. Now that the kids are off school, I have even less time to dedicate to the blog and I have known for a while that something had to give.

      As you may recall from reading my previous posts, my husband lost his job recently and has now set up his own business which means he also needs me to help with that. This has been a tough year for us and I need to support my husband in the best way I can. I feel totally torn, however, because voicing out my faith on the net was second nature to me and a great way of sharing my witness, and now I feel like I am no use to anybody. I do know that is not true because I do other things in my community, but this was the one thing I felt in every bone of my body I was meant to be doing.

      Partly the blog had become a way of checking out how people receive me and what I have to say and not so much about the potential transforming power that my words may have on them, and because of that, I feel that lately I was perhaps not looking to honour God with it, but to fulfil my own prideful needs and my insecurities. Spiritual pride is a very dangerous slippery road and I would never want to go down it and so I want to take stock of where I am at with God and regain the balance and perspective of doing things for the right reasons. For many Christians who reach this point, it is tempting to pretend we have it all together and all figured out, but the consequences of doing that are absolutely disastrous for us and for those to whom we witness. I never want to become a fake. There are too many out there and nothing does more damage to Christ’ s pure and beautiful message of redemption than the Christians who continue to pursue their faith in their own strength even when deep down they know they need to go back a step or two before it is good for them to continue being the light and the salt to this decaying world.

      I think for anyone who is trying to be God’s light in this world, it is imperative that we regularly check our motives and attitudes and above all we ensure that the standards with which we regard others are equal if not lower than those with which we judge our own life. At the moment, only God knows why, I feel I no longer have the authority to witness for Christ. Something in my life needs re-tuning or refining and until that work is done, I cannot continue what I am doing through the blog.

      Writing has been my passion since I was a child and so I know this is not the end, but I couldn’t possibly continue writing in my own strength. The Lord gave me this blog and He is now taking it away, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. He knows all and He is my only source, so until I feel He leads me to it again, I will remain just another nameless and faceless child of God doing what I can to bring Him praise and glory in whichever way He determines I should do so.

      Please keep in touch. You have my email address.

      All the best.


  2. I’ve only been blessed to “know” you these past few weeks in Blogland…..but I can say that I will miss what you share.

    I completely understand and respect what you are doing…..

    from your comment on Pete Wilson’s blog

    “as it has become an idol which takes the place of my time alone with God and His word.”

    I must keep myself in check with this very same thing.

    Praise God for enlightening us in all areas.


  3. I also will miss you and your special messages of hope and truth. I truly understand what you are saying and why you are not continuing. I must fight the same things you spoke of . Is is for me or for my God that I am writing. I pray that he checks my heart and leads me only in his ways and for his glory. It is hard. I guess I continue because I do believe that in the near future, to write as we do about what is right, will be banned and we will pay a price for getting our messages out. Until then, I feel I must get as much out as I can. I will leave it to God to get me and myself out of his way of doing things.

    But for you, you must do as you feel led. I will pray for you and somehow hope that you will be back to write. We need all those who are faithful to the Word of God to fight the good fight. Take care. I may email you sometime. You are a true blessing!!!!

  4. Dear Michelle and Marianne,

    Thank you both for your wonderful words of encouragement.

    The last few days have been full of turmoil as to whether I had made the right decision, but today in church I had confirmation in various ways that God had led me to where I am at.

    The sermon was all about the sacrifice Abraham was asked to make by killing his own son and how this sacrifice became a test of Abraham’s trust and obedience to God. How many of us would be prepared to give up the one thing that fulfills us and gives sense to our lives, even when that thing is done in God’s name and for His glory? How many of us can give something up that we were so blessed with in the first place? How many can give up something when they do not understand yet the reason for being asked to give it up? How many can give up something that has been such an instrumental tool to reach oneself and others, to draw oneself and others closer to the heart of Jesus? And please note I am talking about giving it up and not running away from it because staying on would be a much greater and harder challenge than moving on, which for me is not the case.

    Abraham did not understand why the God who promised Him to multiply his descendants would ask Him to kill the very chance of that promise coming to pass and yet in obedience and utter faith, Abraham carried out the sacrifice He was asked to do by God. Why would God ask such a thing of him if not to find out how far Abraham would go in His faith and utter faithfulness to God? God is a jealous God and He will remove anything and anyone from our path that takes the place of our intimate relationship with Him, anything and anyone who will compromise our full trust in His goodness and faithfulness to us.

    Giving up a blog is hardly being asked to sacrifice your own child, but I still feel like one of my limbs has been taken away and I am no longer whole; I am no longer at the forefront of declaring His praises and challenging the Status Quo that is drowning the Spirit of God in our churches.

    We are all so focused on fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives; we are all after the loftier pursuits, the praise and the glory, but what if God asks us to lay it all down, to stay put and wait for his instruction, for His lead, to undergo a lengthy time of preparation for a greater challenge yet. How many of us are prepared to step down into complete anonimity and play for just an audience of ONE? Would we do it? Would we give up the security and fulfilment of the here and now for a time of complete draught, inactivity and lack of sense of purpose, even if during that time we were asked to believe God was bringing His will to pass in the very act of us laying things down for Him? It is only when we are stripped away of any sense of achieving anything for God in our own strength that we will be truly ready to gain the world for Him. Until that time, we are neither worthy of nor ready for such a Holy call.

    Please keep in touch and I will be sure to follow your own writings as I have done up to now.

    Lots of love.



  5. I am truly sorry to hear of your decision. I fully understand and know the reasons you have been led down this path. It is often difficult to discern the difference between the Holy Spirit and self. It becomes harder the more intimate we become with Him.

    Remember there is never a new beginning without a death. The darkness must leave as the dawning of a new day begins.

    I was listening to a western song the other day. In the chorus, the lyrics go like this “now ponies don’t you worry, I have not come to steal your fire away. I want to fly with you across the sunrise, discover what begins each shining day”.

    The end of this blog is not to steal your fire away. It’s so He can ride with you across the sunrise, so you can jointly discover what begins this shining day.

    God bless you in the ministry He is leading you to.

    P.S. Please know that my daily prayers for you and your family continue.

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