Where do you hide?
Where do you go?
Why are you running from me?
And why do you fear when you know I am near to Thee?
Someone come
Someone come
Someone come fill the divide
Fill the divide

Colorless life, not even grey
Oceans apart and miles and miles away
O, being deceived and deceiving the same
Jesus come
Jesus come
Jesus come fill the divide
Who will save me from this death?
Who will save me from this death?
Who will save me from this death?
Who will raise me from the dead?
Who will save me, who will save?
Jesus won
Jesus won
Jesus won, filled the divide
Jesus won
Jesus won
Jesus won, filled the divide
All glory
All honor be
To the God that filled the divide



This is without question one of the most beautiful, inspiring and heart-wrenching faith songs I have ever heard and is one through which I feel Jesus’ heartbeat every time I listen to it.  I have labelled it a faith song as opposed to a worship song, and the reason for that is that I believe that sadly, man’s greed and self-centredness have invaded even the worship music circles.  I have attended Christian gatherings where worship music was played in front of hundreds and thousands of people, and for the vast majority, it was just another concert, another opportunity to be entertained and lifted instead of a chance to humble ourselves before our Heavenly Father and seek Him with all we’ve got.   I think of all the instances in the Bible when we hear about those who experienced the presence of God, and I don’t recall any account of feelings of hysteria, an extraordinary sense of well-being or massive adrenaline rushes which made people scream, shout out and get carried away with the music.  Yes, there is a time and a place for that when we come into God’s presence, but for the most part, the people of the Bible speak of complete awe, shamefulness before a Holy God, feelings of repentance, inadequacy, being humbled to the core, inability to lift up their eyes as they are blinded by God’s holiness.  It doesn’t sound like much of what one witnesses in churches and Christian mass gatherings these days, does it?  Worship music and Christian literature have become so commercialised, they have become such a vast industry that one wonders who is at the center of it all.  Is it Jesus Christ or is it man’s popularity, “out of the ordinary experience” junkies,  money, or all three?

I am not being despondent, argumentative or negative about Christians and today’s Church to cause a reaction or to provoke anybody.  I write all of this because I feel compelled to denounce the lack of authenticity that is rampant in Christian circles today.  I am so hard on the church in general because I view the church and other Christians by the same standards I see and assess myself, my own heart, my journey.  I am hard on the church as I am hard on my own children when I see them doing something they shouldn’t.  My cry stems out of love and not condemnation. I don’t expect anyone to agree, but something in me drives me to write all this in the hope of averting falsehood and deception for anyone who is on this path of seeking after an extraordinary experience, not knowing or even caring whether it is a genuine one or not.  Trust your heart, listen to the Holy Spirit, do not follow the masses, not even the Christian masses.  History has proved many times that the assumption that something is pure and genuine just because it is supported and practised by many, the “trusted” many, can be a trap set by the enemy, the fallen angel that disguises itself as an angel of light and of supernatural revelation.

I love that song  above because I think it describes the relationship between man and God accurately.  Even the most cynical of us would admit that there is something in our make up that yearns to establish a connection between ourselves and a higher being, a bigger reality; something that can connect us with the awesomeness, diversity, beauty and harmony that we experience on this earth and that we know abounds in the whole universe.  There is an undeniable need inside us for that connection; it is like a cry of old that we sense in our veins from before we were even born.  It is like our life did not begin at birth, but birth is just another stage in a journey that commenced long ago.  Our Spirit is linked with a higher being but we have no evidence of such, simply an indescribable longing to be loved, appreciated and nurtured by the awesome Creator who put the heavens and the stars in place. We are fully aware of our vulnerability and insignificance when we look at the bigger picture, and yet our hearts of stone and the determination to rule ourselves, lead us to lives of spiritual emptiness, to lives that live for the here and now, because they cannot see beyond their death. 

Many search all their lives for that bond between the ‘here and now’ and the beyond to materialise, and their impatience and desperation leads them to seek to fill that gap, that divide with material things, life’s pleasures, idol worship, self-centredness.  The list is endless.  They refuse to acknowledge that the divide their spirit craves to have filled, has already been filled in the person of Jesus Christ, who died for all our sins and in doing so brought us back into direct relationship with the Father. 

Others however, can clearly see the only One who can fill that divide between themselves and that Higher Reality.  They go all guns blazing in pursuit of what for them is as real and tangible as the water they drink and the food they eat.  In their zeal and eagerness to get there, they fall into the awful claws of spiritual pride and they by-pass the One they were looking for, in search for that amazing experience, not realising He is right there, right now, in all the little things, not just in the thunder and the lightning.  All God asked of them was to love Him above all else and to love their neighbour as themselves, but they missed it and were blinded by the awesomeness of God’s touch in their lives.

Men and women in both ends of this spectrum are at the risk of spiritual death.  For the former, their lives are colourless, not even grey as the song says.  Their hearts are crying out:  Who will save me from this death, this purposeless life which is leading nowhere?  And though they suspect or even know that  the answer is not in the drugs, the drink, sex, money or fame, they are too weak and/or deceived to lift up their eyes beyond the claws of their addiction, the idol to which they bow and are slaves to.  For the latter, the power of the revelation they have experienced, the inexplicable joy of the mystery of grace which grants us the unmerited favour of being forgiven and loved unconditionally through no achievement of our own, is too much to take in, and before they know it, they have let such wonderful knowledge go to their heads; they become proud and the love for their God first and foremost, and the love for their neighbour are sacrificed, as their only goal becomes to make it known to others that they are the chosen ones, the gifted ones, the ones with authority to bind and destroy as they please.  Their sole pursuit becomes to be recognised as “The Sent Ones” by God to touch the lives of others.  Pride blinds them and the fruits of the Spirit which are clearly the mark of those who are truly born again of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, all these are replaced by arrogance, falsehood, selfishness, a spirit of control and manipulation and the determination to distance themselves and cut loose from anything or anyone who will threaten their place of glory or supremacy in the circles they move in.  It was pride too who cast Lucifer out from heaven into hell and it is pride too which will reveal all these souls to have been spiritually dead all along, although they cannot see it.

By God’s grace, I once was lost, but now I am found.  By God’s grace, I have been awoken and rescued, for I too was once prey to both these types of spiritual death.   But I now know that IT IS FOR FREEDOM THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS SET US FREE!!

All glory, all honour be, to the God that filled that divide.  Amen.


Add yours

  1. “…I have attended Christian gatherings where worship music was played in front of hundreds and thousands of people, and for the vast majority, it was just another concert…”

    Me, too.

    Once again, you have stirred up something within me that I can write about sometime soon. Thanks.

  2. Here’s a possible book for you to consider reading. Check it out at Amazon or one of the other sites: “Permission Granted” by Graham Cooke and Gary Goodell.

    It’s not an easy book to read. Goodell’s writing is very readable. But Graham Cooke’s writing is so prophetic and at times ponderous. And yet, Cooke’s part of the book has really blessed me. He talks a lot about frustration (which he likes), chaos (which he says is from God) and order (which he says is mainly not from God).

    A sample: “When the system is more important than the individual, then we become a Pharisee and are guilty of expedience…”

    Another sample: “… God does not create order out of order; He creates order only out of chaos…”

  3. It is our human weakness that allows us to be constantly seduced by pride and envy. Our need to contantly strive for acceptance of man rather than the Love of Christ. I’m afraid the Bride of Christ may be a very small group if we are not diligent in our listening and seeking after the Holy Spirit.

    My hope is that millions, even billions will come into intimacy with Him. I will continue to strive after His lead, even though I am more human than most.

    Once again, your words challenge me to be better than I am. My only hope is in Christ, the beginning and end of all things.


  4. Thank you Larry. I have read another book by Graham Cooke which I learnt a lot from. I will definitely try and get the book you suggest as well as some of the ones you have mentioned on your site. Only this morning as I sat through my son’s judo lesson, I was thinking I wish I had had a book to read.

    I will let you know when I read it.

    Be blessed


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