I woke up this Sunday morning with a heart full of praise, praise for the God of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of this wonderful universe.  As I stepped outside into the garden, I was in awe once more at the beauty of His creation and the love lavished on us, His children.   How undeserving of all these treasures we really are.  We sing Holy, Holy is the Lord in church on a Sunday morning, and then we live the most unholy lives the rest of the week.  We think that just because we do not commit adultery, murder or theft, we are better than anybody else, and yet the sins that Jesus spoke most against during his ministry were hypocrisy, pride and impure lives that defile God’s Holy nature.  Can you hear the devil laughing yet?  The ones who are to set the standard of Christ-likeness in the world are really not that different to unbelievers.  The message their life conveys is actually more hollow and void of meaning than the message of those who claim God does not exist, for at least their lives are consistent with their lack of faith. Our Heavenly Father has set us examples of His perfection and splendour wherever we are, everywhere we look, and yet our lifestyles do not reflect the honour we should feel, as we have been invited to be partakers of His divine nature.

This Sunday morning, my heart is full of the praise and awe contained in the song below.  However, I did not go to church today and that is fine.  The God I worship does not dwell in the four walls a congregation gathers in on a Sunday morning, and He certainly does not preside over the agendas of self-appointed teachers and prophets. I do not want to be just another Christian who sings to the top of his/her voice the praises of our wonderful Lord and Redeemer once or twice a week, to then live in defeat, unforgiveness, selfishness, pride and anger the rest of the week.  I want the tables of my life to be turned upside down.  I long for my love for Jesus to inundate every hour of my time on this earth, my every breath.  I long for that perfect love that sustains me to translate into practical and tangible acts of love towards others.  I am no longer content or satisfied with reducing the awesomeness and mystery of my Heavenly Father to a couple of hours on a Sunday morning when there are witnesses, when people are looking.  There has to be, in my spirit I know that there is so much more to Christianity and to Christ’s legacy than merely sustaining and ensuring the self-preservation of a church, a ministry.  I want to be a light that shines for Jesus as do so many other Christians today, but sadly, we extinguish the fire of God in us the moment we choose to belong to a particular church or ministry and in our pride reduce our God-given witness to taking ownership and controlling those whose lives and direction God has entrusted us with; we simply forget the height from which we ourselves have fallen; we grab hold of Jesus’ precious gift and then we run with it, forgetting we have not learnt to walk yet, learnt to walk daily in His grace and not our power.

 Be blessed as you watch the video below and listen to this wonderful song.


Finally, here are some pictures I took in our garden this morning which are not the best photography but certainly capture what lies deep in my heart.

Do you see what He sees?
Do you see what He sees?



Are you multiplying or reducing His Love and Power
Are you multiplying or reducing His Love and Power?



Is the fire of His Spirit refining your character or is The Thief using you to point the flaws of your brother?
Is the fire of His Spirit refining your character or is The Thief using you to point out your brother's flaws?



Does His beauty magnify in your weakness?
Does His beauty magnify in your weakness?



Do you harbour equal feelings towards all of God's children, or deep down you treat some as better than others?
Do you harbour equal feelings towards all of God's children, or deep down you regard some as being better than others?


Add yours

  1. For us Christians, he hardest thing to do is break off from the old which is known, and then, run toward the new which is unknown.

    Your flowers are beautiful.

  2. Once again you speak to the heart that is in all who today have taken up the renewed mantle of seekers. Finding the comfort to stay out of religion and stay in the shelter of His wings. Within that shelter, there is no place for the evil one to abide. Our problem is we wiggle around and get uncomfortable, because we feel we must be doing something more. Eventually, we stick a foot out from under His covering and we get smacked by the enemy. We then begin to doubt we are in the right place. Soon we move, usually back into religion. God allows it because he loves us and we must learn to love him enough to trust him.


  3. Dear Larry,

    Thank you as always for your ongoing support through your comments and also for sharing your own experiences and learning curb which I regard as a special blessing from God into my life, as His way of protecting me from potential mistakes and wrong turns and choices.

    I am sure you know this, but please remember that everything you have experienced, particularly what you view as mistakes and painful experiences, every little detail is used by God for His purposes, praise and glory. I am sure that I am just one of the very many lives you have touched through sharing your own journey. Rejoice in the knowledge that His strength and power always shine in our weakness and that the time will soon come when He will exalt those who humble themselves, because to live is Christ and to die (to self) is gain.

    With love and prayers,


  4. Dear David,

    There is also no doubt in my heart and spirit that you are also a Godly connection which is being mega instrumental in God’s plan for my life and that of my family.

    Your words carry such power and they always have that special inexplicable weight about them that connects straight with the deep things that lie in my heart. The fact that I have never met you and yet your words touch me as if they had been written by a lifetime-long friend, is again a wonderful blessing and a mystery that only God fully understands.

    I believe that the reason why you know how to address the very thing that I am talking about in my posts is because our bond is not in the natural realm but the spiritual one. There is an understanding that is possible by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and I feel overwhelmed that God should bless me with such a gift.

    You are absolutely spot on when you talk about how we get doubtful and restless under the covering of God’s wing and we step out again often into religion because we feel like we must do something more. I know because I have done it myself. But God in His love and mercy has given me a second chance to run the good race on the right path; He has shown me once more the bigger picture. The first time it was a dress rehearsal, an opportunity to make big mistakes such as following someone else’s lead. This time, only the counsel of One matters and no pressures from the religious ones, long-established traditions or hirelings will lead me astray from where my Father is calling me to be.

    Thank you and God bless you Dave


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