This is my prayer today:


Forgive us for having already put the power of Christ’s resurrection on the shelf until Easter time next year.  Give those who seek earnestly, the revelation that they need to live each day of their lives in victory and not defeat.  Remind daily those who wrestle with the dark forces of this world and the powers of darkness that the Spirit of God, which raised Jesus from the dead, also lives in them, and that through that Spirit we are partakers in the Divine Nature and therefore capable of overcoming anything that is thrown at us.  Father, help us to look down on our circumstances from the perspective of your throne, knowing that because Christ is for us, nothing can be against us, and though our bodies will perish and our minds be assailed by the torments which are rampant in the kingdom of darkness, our spirits are called to be triumphant in all things and to persevere in battle until the day of the coming of our Lord.


Protect our marriages, our families and specially our children.  They should be the hope for the future, the next generation, the new blood that as parents we have the responsibility to bring up in holiness and devotion to our Lord.  Father, we are failing you inexcusably in this area.  We cry Holy with our mouths and then when no one is looking, we give free rein to our own desires and those of our children, and the peer pressures which conform to the dictates of the evil one.  I am appalled to hear some of the conversations that take place amongst children as young as 10 years old, their cursing, and their eagerness to lose the innocence which God has blessed them with.  Worse still, my heart breaks as everyday I witness parents who are doing everything in their power to break the seal of protection upon their children’s minds and opening them up too soon to the perils of this world.  Children have become mirrors of their parent’s behaviour in every area of their lives far too soon, and this is making apparent the reality that although we confess one thing with our mouths, our hearts and lives tell a different story: one of inconsistency, hypocrisy, falsehood and deceit.  No wonder the majority of us fail to make an impact for Christ in the world around us.  Parents no longer take responsibility for the spiritual, even physical welfare of their children.  We leave things to chance and hope for the best.  TV in our home has no boundaries and our abodes are plagued with modern technology, which gives the devil an easy way in into the hearts and minds of our little lambs, and in doing so we become accomplices in lining them up for the slaughter.  Father, forgive us!  We have neglected those things you have not only entrusted us with, but blessed us greatly with too.  Even within the Christian community, we pass on the responsibility to bring up our children in the faith.  We trust youth leaders and volunteers to handle eternal matters that will mould and determine they way our children will go.  And we think that two hours on a Sunday morning will be enough to see them in good stead in a lifetime of trials, disappointments, and hurts.   We can’t be bothered to invest the time and energy at home taking on that responsibility ourselves, leading by example, disciplining where it may be necessary, and explaining to the best of our ability the things of God, the wonders that have been revealed to us.  Children hear something at Sunday school and experience a completely different reality in the home and in their parents’ attitudes to problems and temptations, and this, in their minds, voids Christ’s message of any authenticity or power.  God protect us, for as lambs amongst wolves, we are being sent to the slaughter and although many of us know it, we do nothing to prepare for battle, we abuse God’s mercy and grace and like the previous time, expect Him to let us off the hook yet again.  Father God, in Christ we are new creations indeed!  Help us to live as such; Help us to stand victorious in the faith and in your promises in all the areas of our lives where we choose to go with the flow of this world, which is constantly pulling us towards sin and in which the need to conform and fit in is so strong.


Resurrection power proves to us that the message of Christianity is not just about our sins being forgiven and erased on the Cross, but it goes so much further than that.  Please do not allow us to live a half-hearted message, do not let us be content with just half of the promise.  So many of us are just content with living in the knowledge that God’s love is amazing and that He forgives our sins and sends constant waves of grace and mercy our way.  Oh Lord, what you achieved for us through your death and resurrection means so much more than the ability to move on from past mistakes.  Our call is not to struggle all the days of our lives, to make believe a message that reads powerful on a page and has no power in the home, our communities, even our churches.  Our call is to be triumphant in all things, overcomers in all things, conquerors in all things.  Father, take the blinders off our churches, take the blinders off our pastors and elders, send the fire of your consuming love into our hearts and minds.  Bring conviction and discipline in those places where some who call upon your name carry out their own agendas and personal pursuits to satisfy their egotistical and self-exalting heart desires.  Father, convict daily those of us who in our pride and ambition want to win the world for you, but in reality fail to lead by example to those closest to us and to those whom we could we making an ever-lasting impact.  Father do not let any of your children be satisfied with anything other than a sheer and utter devotion and commitment to see your kingdom come and your will be done. 


Fill the hearts and minds of those who diligently seek you with Agape love, a sacrificial love that keeps no record of wrongs and which is always willing to forgive and turn the other cheek.  Father, do not allow those in leadership to be fooled into a false sense of security when by your unending grace they display your power and ability to touch others’ lives.  Do not allow them to become arrogant and to stagnate in their own growth.  Help us all to repent daily and to seek your face in humility daily.  Unearth any false motives and always wipe out pride from our hearts.  Prune the fruit that some men achieve by their own toil and efforts and which stems from their fleshly desires to be honoured and exalted by men.  Father, do not allow anything that is done in your name be given praise and glory, unless unconditional love, humility and genuine servanthood with no ulterior motives is at the heart of it.  Forgive those who use the authority you have entrusted them with to make a name and a kingdom for themselves whilst all the while they are harbouring unforgiveness in their heart towards others and the unwillingness to humble themselves and take a back seat in those areas where they are being called to follow and not lead.  Bring judgement upon your people; judgement must begin in the House of the Lord.  Send your fire Lord and wipe out anything that is not of you; sieve out men’s efforts and let only what is born of the Spirit remain.  Purify our homes, our churches, and our communities and break the strongholds of the enemy. 


Raise your watchmen with enough courage to stand in their watchtowers, raise their voices and sound their trumpets at the appointed time, as they see the enemy approaching.  Fill those who are called to speak out, with enough conviction, fire and zeal to see your purposes come to pass.  Prepare and anoint those watchmen to see in advance the plans and strategies of the enemy and train them in their daily walk with you, as they learn to battle and fight back with the spiritual weaponry you have provided to them.  Give these servants enough authority to be heard and recognised as the messengers of the Lord, who are called to raise awareness of impending danger in the hearts and souls of God’s people.  Let those who genuinely act in your name STAND, and those who disguise as angels of light be burned and consumed by the fire of your judgement.

All these things I bring to you Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!




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