Are you bending with the wind?

“If you travel on the road to heaven so slowly that it is a question whether you are going there at all, then you will escape criticism.  If you keep with those who practise the snail’s march, they will call you a good easy man, a right respectable person.  But if you run with it, if you put out all the energy of your nature, and are determined to live at a high pitch for Christ, you will get the cold shoulder, even from many of his disciples, for you will be practically condemning their half-heartedness.  You cannot commit a greater crime against some people than to be more useful than they are.  When a person reckons themselves to be the standard of holiness, he looks upon one who excels him, as guilty of a kind of blasphemy.”


Charles Spurgeon





6 thoughts on “Are you bending with the wind?

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  1. Taking a stand for Jesus will for sure always be counter cultural. It will be controversial in every way. It will offend people. People won’t like it.

    But I sometimes ask this question,

    Why is it that there are many people offended by the church today?

    When Jesus Christ walked the earth the “sinners” were very attracted to him. And the “religious” were offended by him.

    Today, the “sinners” are offended by Christians “Jesus – followers” and the “religious” are very attracted to what Christianity can look like… you know what I mean? If we do church the way we’ve always done church the religious are happy but the face of Christianity and how church is done needs to change.

    I wonder what would happen if more Christians were to not only take a stand for the faith but actually be more integral in their faith?

    I wonder what would happen if more Christians were to understand the balance between Justice and Mercy and Truth and Grace.

    Justice/Mercy and Truth/Grace.

    We cannot over look mercy in the midst of seeking justice because in the scriptures God never did.

    We cannot over look grace in the midst of speaking truth because what empowers us to walk out our faith is only by the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many people tend to develop a very shame based view of scripture when they make telling the truth more of a priority then to actually becoming a living testimony of Christ.

  2. Hi Janey,

    Thank you for your wonderful comment. I couldn’t agree more with you.

    By the way, I tried to leave a comment on your site a couple of weeks ago but when you have to copy letter by letter the password or “code word” given by your site, it blocks me and my comment won’t go through. Any idea why this is happening?



  3. Amen Sister! I love you and love you and love you some more! I hope to talk to you soon!

    Peace and love and truth and grace to all the Brethren with love in Christ!
    Praise God!

  4. Hi Carol,

    I did try to reply to your last comment but your email did not work. You know my email address, so do send me an email if you like. I left your last comment out, because there was personal stuff in there which I felt was inappropriate for the blog, but know that I continue to pray for you.

    With love and prayers for you,

    your sister in Christ,


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