Confronting The Church in its sin. Is your church looking for a new pastor?



Below is a link to another “Double-edged sword” sermon by Paul Washer entitled “A true Church”, which was given on 02/02/09 at Tharptown Baptist Church in America, and which looks at Ezekiel 13, 9-14.  It is addressed to a congregation who are going through an interregnum period, during which a church seeks to appoint a new pastor.  Interestingly, the church I am a member of is also going through a period of interregnum or transition between the previous pastor leaving and the new one being appointed, and much of what Paul says, struck a chord with what we have experienced and are experiencing, and is also a timely reminder of what we need to be looking out for in our new pastor.

If your heart is burdened about the current state of the Christian church and you want to learn more about what true church is, this one is for you.  Often, when I post or email links to lengthy sermons or videos, the kind of response I get is: “I don’t have the time to listen to all of this.  I have too much on”.  I strongly feel I must daily remind myself and others that from what we sow, we will reap


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  1. Something that stood out to me was when he said something about how if the presence of God is with a person or family away from or outside of the church, then when they gather, the presence of God is naturally there. That’s awesome and just makes so much sense.

    I must admit that when I first saw the amount of time on one of the videos you posted a while back on Paul Washer’s message on “The True Gospel,” I thought to myself that it was rather long and that I didn’t have time. However, something in me said to “take” the time and go ahead and listen; so I did. That something in me, I’m sure, was the Holy Spirit prompting me, and I’m so thankful I took the time to listen because I heard things I needed to hear.

    I agree with you, Carol, she is such a dear, precious, and sweet invisible sister, with such a tender, loving, and caring heart for the Lord and what’s important to Him.

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