Fence Riders

I would simply like to share a song this morning as an encouragement to all those bloggers who may be getting some stick for believing that it is the Spirit of God that is moving them to share their faith and spiritual journey with a whole load of strangers in the hope that some of them may be touched and transformed by what they hear and read. 

This one is for those who are deemed naive for being sure of what they hope for and for trusting in what they cannot see.  And don’t forget that if you are getting some stick, that is a sure sign that whatever effect your blog is having on people, the result is bringing praise and glory to God.  So, rejoice in the knowledge that you are partakers not only in the joy but also in the suffering that being a follower of Christ brings.

2 thoughts on “Fence Riders

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  1. It is in blind faith that all ministry is offered.I too have had some negative feed back from some who consider my “electronic pulpit” a waste of time.Oh well,,I enjoyed the site greatly.Continue being a blessing. Cheryl

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