Do you fancy a trip down Memory Lane?

Something a little bit more lighthearted today, which may or may not take you down Memory Lane.  It certainly has me.

Did you ever hang around the street where someone you fancied and dreamt of meeting one day lived, in the hope that you may just catch a glance of him or her?  I have to admit I have done that in the past, and it was partly justified, because his house was on the way to college from my house, but it was a looooooooong time ago.  When I was in my early twenties and in the middle of my University degree, I liked this guy so much, but we had never exchanged a word.  We used to constantly hang out in the same bars and parts of the city at weekends, and we both had common friends and acquaintances, although we did not know it at the time.  Occasionally, he would walk past me on his way back home from college as I was heading to my campus.  We studied at different universities.  Months and years went by and as fate would have it, more like God’s perfect plan, after many flirtatious glances exchanged weekend after weekend, we were eventually introduced by my cousin.  Months after that, we started going out, although I have to say it was short-lived.  I guess we don’t always live to people’s expectations, and he certainly did not live up to mine, although I have to say, I still liked him like mad after we broke off.  God was behind the scenes in my life even then.  I now know my life would not have been so blessed, had I ended up marrying that guy.  Yes, there have been rocky times in my marriage, and one or two boulders coming down on me that I never even suspected were coming, but the ups have certainly overshadowed the downs and made what we have well worth fighting for. 

On one of my recent visits to my hometown, as I was hanging out with my sisters in the old part of town having a few drinks, this guy happened to be right there next to me with his friends, the very same friends of almost twenty years previous.  He had not changed a bit, and it almost felt like time had not passed by as the scene of many Saturday nights repeated itself once more.  Only this time, we were older and wiser and our lives had certainly headed in literally very different directions.  So there you have it, God even brought me proof that good truly came out of the bad and the hurt that I felt at the time.  I know from reliable sources that this guy has not left our hometown and the fact that he still hangs out in the same bars with the same people kind of tells me that perhaps he has not been on the roller-coaster of risk and excitement that I have been on since we parted.  No pain, no gain and all that !  Anyway, I wish him all the best and pray that he is happy with whatever he has done with his life.  

It’s funny how a song can just bring all this stuff back to the forefront of your conscience and make you actually see God’s Providence, protection and provision right from the start.  I find music, reminiscing of the past and dreaming of the future through it a great encouragement to the soul.  Listen to this song “On the street where you live” by Russell Watson, and see where that takes you, if anywhere.  I absolutely love this guy’s voice and style of singing. 

The link to the song is:

And if that song is not enough to take you temporarily away from the mundaneness of whatever you are doing, try this one also by Russell Watson “Amore e Musica”.  But BE WARNED: It may just melt your heart and you may not be able to get back to what you were doing.  His voice when he sings in Italian is enough to melt butter.  My Italian is not all that great, but good enough to appreciate the tenderness and accuracy of his pronunciation.  Enjoy!  Music, another gift from God to help us along this treacherous path.

Be blessed and don’t forget to say thanks to God for gifts such as this one.  And remember in the midst of all the bad, there is always a nugget of gold that reveals itself when you are able to see beyond the pain.

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  1. What a testimony to the faithfulness of our God! Thank you so much for sharing this. One of my sisters said to me that you usually find what you are looking for. We must be looking for those nuggets of gold or we will be destroyed by the evil in this world. Those nuggets are found in Jesus and they are all for the glory of God!

    I trust that all is well with you and yours, dear sister!

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