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The law of Christ = Carrying each other's burdens



There is much power and potential for good in blogging, but with that also comes much room for temptation and for being diverted from the goal set upon us:  to use blogging as a tool to bring praise and glory to our Heavenly Father. 


Lately, there have been many more hits daily to my blog than I ever envisaged would be possible.  Initially, there was an average of 15 hits daily, if I was lucky, and now the average is of 300 from people all over the world.  Whilst this is fantastic, one has to be very weary of putting himself/herself at the center of it all, because that place is already taken by Jesus Christ, and Christian bloggers play a dangerous game when the purpose of their blogging becomes increasing their audience, and not bringing to the corners of the earth Jesus’ message of love, forgiveness, redemption and salvation.


I have been a victim to this very subtle but deadly angel of light who under the guise of spreading God’s word and message to the world, has lulled me into a bit of an obsession with the number and origin of my readers.    Much time is spent by Christian bloggers ensuring that their audience is kept captive and entertained so that we can reassure ourselves that we are making a difference, because this enterprise is not about us, but about Jesus.  Many of us choose to write about things that hidden behind the front of Christian Faith have little to do with the heart of God.  We choose to write about things that will ensure shock, upheaval, laughter, tears, and controversy from our audience, and not to write about things that we know will make us very unpopular and perhaps no longer wanted by the very necessary audience which keeps us going.  It does not take long for the enemy to set its claws upon something that the Lord designed for good; designed to produce much fruit.  With the blink of an eye, one no longer cares for the transformation of lives, or the victory of light over darkness; all too soon we become blinded and obsessed by one unrighteous quest: how can I get more hits to my blog, as opposed to how can I bring Jesus to people?


On the one hand we condemn idolatry at the hands of the human race today; a way of living which has replaced God with anything else which keeps us occupied, temporarily happy and focused on ourselves.   But at the same time, we ourselves have made idols of our own blogs as the time invested on writing them, maintaining them and communicating with our readers has eaten up at the time in communion with our Heavenly Father, his word, and serving Him in word and deed.


It is for this reason that I want to turn things around today and throw the ball of “blogging” back to its rightful owner who can do with it as He will and not as I will.  Today I want to use this post as an opportunity for people to give me their prayer requests.  I want to re-group and re-focus.  I want to use valuable time for God’s eternal purposes and not mine.  If there is anything that is troubling you at the moment, that is burdening your heart for which you need prayer, please do send me a comment with your name, and hopefully, I will be able to contact you from that comment by email or through your own blog.  You can then privately tell me your prayer request.  If you are happy to leave an email address, do so too.  I have seen the power of prayer in my own personal life.  I continue to do so, on a daily basis.  Jesus spent the last hours of his life on his knees communing with His Father who provided Him with all he needed to face the awful events that unfolded in his life and which he was well aware of prior to them happening.  We need to stop wanting to control and manipulate everything around us for our own benefit and we need to start humbling ourselves and giving the reins of this complicated world to Jesus.  Most of my readers are complete strangers, but prayer is prayer and God has made us and knows us all intimately, so again, if there is anything I could bring to God during my prayer time on your behalf, I would be blessed to have your prayer request.


If you are not a Christian or do not believe in God, I would like to pray for you too.  We all have problems and things that wear us down on a daily basis, so we all need to feel that sense that we are not carrying the entire burden alone.  I finish as I started, with wise words in the book of Galatians (6:2): “Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”, which have inspired me this morning to set a new course to this fantastic adventure that blogging has turned out to be.


Please know that if you do decide to send your prayer requests to me, it will all remain between you, me and God and that there is no ulterior motive to this, but simply the recognition that as a Christian and in the times we are living in, prayer for each other has to be at the top of the list, and very often it is not.  There is always something more pressing that places us that much further from our loving Father.  I want to draw closer to Him again, and I know this is the one, the best way to do so. 





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  1. This post has truly blessed me from the top of my head right down to my toes!

    What you share here is so true. The temptaion to play for an audience is so strong at times, and instead of us waiting on the Lord to direct us, we barge ahead blindly without consideration of what He wants us to share. I constantly marvel at His patience, longsuffering and grace with us, over and over again.

    I think the thing that has made me react the most inside when I visit some regular blogs, is when there is a “DONATIONS” button. (Some have a credit card Paypal in place! 😦 ). It leaves me with a shudder. They have a need? Then Pray to your Heavenly Father to answer you His way and the only way forward for a child of God. Then you can wait with utter assurance that He will give you His answer His way in His time. He is just so incredible!

    I marvel that the Lord has shown you what He has, as He always does with us all – and just when we need it the most. He is always perfect in His timing. 🙂

    I am so glad the Lord has connected us and I will pray for YOU today, sweet sister.
    Bless you

  2. Thank you Jessie.

    I am glad too that the Lord has connected us. It took me a long time to realise that the friendships/connections we seek after are not always the ones that are best for us.

    These days, I choose to cherish and trust in Godly connections such as this one.

    God bless you and keep you too!


  3. Hello sister,

    I know we’ve met over at Faith Defenders, but I just thought I’d pop by and check out some of the stuff you’ve been putting on your blog too. However this post really connects with me, as it is something that gets right under my skin.

    Many churches I have belonged to over the years often have this mentality, where all they seem interested in is getting people in, rather than the Gospel message out! This is one of the main reason I began the United in Jesus ministry some years ago, out of an attempt to gather together those individuals who see it a truly greater and more urgent task to see the Gospel preached, than their own church fellowship grow strong.

    That ministry has branched out in various ways, both on the ‘net and in real life, but it has always been “without walls” so to speak, and as with the latest ministry to be birthed out of it, Faith Defenders, it is devoted not to drawing people in, but equipping people to be sent out, not by one person claiming to know it all, but by the Holy Spirit ministering the wisdom of His Word through all of us together.

    I have been on the net now pretty much since it became more than a handful of people clicking away on their keyboards. In that whole time I’ve never done more to promote my sites than submit the address to major search engines and tag it on my email etc., yet I have witnessed God work through the sites in amazing ways, including meeting up with people in real life that had travelled from other countries.

    You have the right mindset about this whole thing my sister, but don’t belittle what you do, for God is able and more than willing, to bring just the right people to your blog, and your words will be greeted by them as a cup of cold water to a thirsty man.

    I value your humility and your honesty, and I hope we can continue to encourage one another in the ways of the Lord continually. As with Jessie, I am also glad the Lord has connected us and will pray for you also.

    God bless,


  4. Thank you John for your wise and kind words.

    I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry both up front and also behind the scenes, and that Jesus will always remain at the center of it. I pray that we will both continue to be blessed with Godly relationships and connections and that through those “Divine” connections you and I and thousands of others can continue to be used by God in small, unassuming but in God’s eyes, significant and powerful ways.

    I appreciate your encouragement very much, but I did feel convicted by the Holy Spirit about the fact that perhaps blogging, although used by God in ways that I cannot see or dare to imagine, has clearly got the potential of becoming an idol in my own personal spiritual journey. At the fear and at the risk of this happening, I have decided as a preventative measure to delete both the cluster map indicators, which tell me the nationalities of those who are reading my blog as well as the number, and also the Feedjit live feed which again shows me who is linking onto my blog as it happens. If God is in this, which I am sure He is, I would like to keep it pure and simple, so that He can do with it what He will and not what I will.

    I will continue to seek His guidance and leading in this, just as when I first started writing my blog, and I would ask you to pray that I do not fall in the same trap again of fussing too much about increasing my audience, but about hearing clearly where God is taking me next with this.

    The Lord gives and takes away,

    Keep in touch,

    Your sister in Christ,


  5. Ouch!

    At times I wonder (about myself) why it is that I find myself wanting/needing afirmations from people.

    It is so easy (again, for me) to get caught up in the “good things” while putting off the BEST thing.

    Thanks for this post.

  6. Thanks Michael.

    I suppose it is because although we know that spending time in God’s presence and seeking guidance through his word are the best things for us in the long term, we also know that as we discover more about the nature of God, we realise how very flawed and dependent on Him we really are, and we all like to have a certain amount if not all control over our lives, even if we confess to others we rely on God. I think that if we are really honest, most of us would admit to that.

    Also Jesus did tell us that those who want to follow Him, must pick up their cross and follow Him, which translates for me into a daily “crucifying of self”, so that I am able to give all praise and glory to Him. When blogging, preaching, evangelising, ministering, etc. becomes the object of one’s “affections” and the passion that consumes us, the engine that drives us, or the source of our affirmation and strength, we have a problem, because God ceases to be at the center of what we are doing as we have taken his place.

    Pray for me as I pray for you.

    God bless you


  7. Interesting. I can certainly relate to what you’re saying. You know, I’ve been blogging for a little while now, and I’ve given this blog to the Lord. I told Him it’s His blog and asked Him to give me to write whatever He wants me to write because He knows who needs what and when. I believe He’s been doing that through me, but my flesh struggles when I don’t see higher stats or more comments. However, deep down in my heart I know that God is drawing to read the blog whoever He sees fit, even if it’s only one person. In my heart and my spirit, it really doesn’t matter because God knows what He’s doing, but my flesh struggles and begs to differ. I pray for God to help me let this go, but I still struggle. Anyway, I thank God for this blog through you; I’ve received help and enlightenment through it. Thank you for sharing what God places on your heart.

    By the way, I do have a prayer request and I’ve put in my email, and if you have a prayer request, I’ll certainly pray for you.


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