"Disgrace will not overtake us", they said!

The last couple of days have been very testing but mostly interesting, just like when one is trying to decode a message in a foreign language, and you know there is something exciting at the end of it, but you are not quite sure what.  The thrill of the treasure hidden behind the unknown symbols, feeds the stamina and the momentum to keep going til the end, to pursue this wonderful quest which at times seems obscene, when you realise  many around you are wondering aimlessly and everything around you is falling apart.

As you know, in my last post, I inserted a video which contains John Paul Jackson’s latest prophetic word about America and the world in its entirety.  There has been some interesting reactions to the content of such prophecy, particularly because they have come from those whom I least expected to be up in arms about a message which, although it spells disaster for the world in general, is well founded in the word of God and the testimony of His unwavering discipline to those whom He loves, which is something we see in the Bible time and time again.

The most shocking reaction has come from a person whose ministry has recently had a wonderful impact on my faith and ability to encourage others in their own struggles.  This is a person who is absolutely enamoured with God’s awesomeness and power which becomes very visible for Him through God’s creation of the whole universe.  By contrast and judging by his recent actions, this same person seems to deny God’s capacity to love with such intensity that He sees fit to bring  judgement upon those who are drifting away from Him and following their own will and desires, in order to discipline them and bring them back into a relationship with Him from which they will benefit for eternity.

I sent this person a message asking him to hear John Paul’s message.  My comment with a link to such message was initially published on his blog, but to my amazement and disappointment, it was taken out two days later.  As I sent him another message yesterday enquiring about the reasons for deleting my comment and asking him for some feedback in order to put my mind at ease, he also deleted that comment, as if I was considered damaged goods and no longer worth having on his blog.  Could this be the “Christian Spirit” that is so rampant in our world these days which makes some Christians willing to love others ONLY when their ears are tickled?  No wonder we are often called hypocrites!  The obvious conclusions to be drawn from this person’s silence and unwillingness to give me my peace back is that once he actually got to hear the prophetic message, he refused to have it mentioned on his blog.  I absolutely respect everyone’s freedom and choice to publish on their blog whatever they deem appropriate, but I do not understand inconsistencies in someone who a few weeks ago was glad to have my comment on their blog, which was full of praise and gratitude for the fruits of their ministry, and days later, bans me from saying another word just because I am endorsing a prophetic message which talks about that other side of the Father that many are not willing to recognise it exists:  God’s judgement and sheer love which would rather put His children through trials and tribulations than see them fall into a bottomless pit of self-destruction and torment. 

Interestingly, others who normally have a lot to say, have also gone quiet on me, as I have made them aware of such a prophetic word.  Nobody likes to hear about impending judgement, nobody likes to be confronted with such prospect, particularly if you are in a leadership role in the church, because ultimately it is the leader’s responsibility to raise awareness about the necessity to live according to God’s law and precepts, in order to save the sheep from the slaughter.  But we are all human and it is much easier to just label everybody as false prophets and be done with the responsibility to face the music and do what we are supposed to do:  Blow the trumpet, raise our voices, sound the alarm, tell the truth and not what all of us sinners want to hear.  Christians are much more willing to blindly endorse and follow a church leader, when promises of instant signs and wonders are made; when prosperity gospels are proclaimed and drummed into the ears of those whose ears are soothed and comforted by such wonderful sounds, whilst in reality the only ones who “prosper” through such tactics are the figures in the pulpit who amass obscene amounts of money, often spent very unwisely.

This morning  I was reading in my Bible the book of Micah, which interestingly, I was not planning on reading, but as I read the beginning of Matthew’s gospel, I was pointed to Micah.  I was caught by a scripture which explains clearly the message I am trying to put down this morning.  Listen to this:  Micah (Micah 2, 6-7) quotes words spoken by the people of Judah and Israel who are confronted with his prophetic word of impending destruction and punishment, as a result of their greed, oppression, debauchery, hypocrisy, heresy, injustice, extortion and lying, murder, etc:

Do not prophesy, “their prophets say.

“Do not prophesy about these things;

disgrace will not overtake us.”

Should it be said, O house of Jacob:

“Is the Spirit of the Lord angry?

Does He do such things?”


The commentary in my bible rightly says about this particular scripture: “The people had rejected what was true and right, and they needed stern discipline.  Children may think discipline is harsh, but it helps to keep them going in the right direction.  If we only want God’s comforting messages, we may miss what he has for us.  Listen when God speaks, even when the message is hard to take.”

I always find that when God is trying to establish a truth about His nature or His heart in my heart, He throws stuff my way by way of a specific scripture, a song, a dream, somebody’s wisdom or a book in this case, until such message is coming so loud and clear from so many different directions, that one would be stupid not to take any notice and carry on as normal.  Recently, as I discussed with a friend the true nature of Jesus who to the self-delusion of many is always portrayed as this romantic figure who is always serene and never loses his composure, I came across a book entitled “Jesus, mean and wild; the unexpected love of an untameable God” by Mark Galli.  This is proving to be a wonderfully honest and candid book about the extent of the Father’s love who will allow us to go through tough, tough things, in order to shape us into the people He longs for us to be.  Many Christians struggle with this idea, but any Father or Mother who truly loves His children, will often be regarded as the “Mean Ogre” who allows his children to experience some degree of suffering in order to refine their character and endurance in life.  Why should our Heavenly Father, Mighty God, be any different?  There are some wonderful gold nuggets in this book, some revealing insights, all of which are fully supported and explained by scripture. 

Coming back to John Paul’s prophetic message, I realise that the fact this book has landed on my lap in these last few weeks is no coincidence, as I find myself reading passages such as these:

  • Suffering is our preparation for ministry in a world of suffering.

  • This is not a world for shallow people with soft character.  It needs tested, toughened disciples, who are prepared, like the Lord, to descend into hell to redeem the lost.

  • The most significant consequence of one’s suffering is a renewed relationship with God

Why then do Christians and non-Christians alike struggle so much with the idea that God can have it in His nature to want to bring judgement and destruction onto the world He created?  Don’t we see examples of this happening throughout the Bible time and time again?  We seem to forget that with every warning that comes from God about impending judgement and justice, there is also a promise of deliverance for those who in the midst of all the chaos, adversity and attack, are faithful to His will and precepts.  I finish with some more scripture from Micah which is what I am taking from John Paul’s prophetic message of Coming Judgement, which could still be averted:


I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob;

I will surely bring together the remnant of Israel.

I will bring them together like sheep in a pen,

like a flock in its pasture;

the place will throng with people.

One who breaks open the way will go up before them;

they will break through the gate and go out.

Their King will pass through before them,

the Lord at their head.

Micah 2, 12-13

10-11 (73 kb)

3 thoughts on “"Disgrace will not overtake us", they said!

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  1. Hi there sister 🙂

    It is a rude awakening for us all when the Lord brings us to the realisation when we realise that we, as Christians, are not here just to live lives of pleasure and that the Lord has much greater eternal plans for us all. He wants to break us. As Paul Washer says something along the lines of “The first thing God wants to do to you when you are born again is to kill you” We’ve got to go!

    He wants to break us not because He is mean and nasty, but because HE is Holy and wants to form His Son in us. He can’t do this if we are still ‘driving the bus’ of our lives. It is not a ‘new’ idea but an old, but because of the way the Gospel is preached and taught and ministered, is long gone out of many sermons these days. God’s sovereignty is not preached, Gods holiness is not preached. God is often portrayed as your chum, your buddy, that we are Kings Kids. God’s holiness is forgotten and thre cross is left out, the atoning blood of Jesus is shoved aside. “God just wants to bless you! If He is not blessing you then you have SIN in your life.” That’s the cry sadly of too many….

    God’s idea and our idea of being a child of His is so far apart a lot of the time. We won’t submit, we won’t surrender ourselves, our lives and our hearts. In some instances we say a prayer without understanding what repentance is all about, and that ‘fixes’ it all…. and then we can carry right on living as we always have, just that the name of Jesus is hanging around our vocab.

    Humans won’t accept words that go against their own wants and desires – that is the way of man. The great sin of independence is never mentioned. Independence that is, from God. When we become Christians we give up every single right to ourselves. This you won’t hear preached much either.

    So, to come back to your original thing about being shunned by those you least expected to be shunned by speaking out about the God of wrath and judgement, pray for them that the Lord will move them to repentance and understanding and acceptance for whatever HE has planned ahead for us all.

    Bless you – I will have to come back and read some more of your blog.

    p.s. is ther a transcript of this message -It is so expensive to download such long messages in South Africa as I do not have the Internet speed for this. – thank you

  2. One last thing – (sorry) If we belong to God, we will be disciplined. He tells us that if we are not disciplined then we are not His children.

    We are just lumps of clay on a Potter’s wheel and we have no right to ask Him why He is ‘fashioning’ us this or that way. He knows what He is doing with us and knows what is best for us.

  3. Hi Jessie,

    Thank you so much for your message which has really encouraged me. Interestingly, my last three posts referring to John Paul’s prophetic message have had the most hits and yet the least comments, at least for now. It just proves that, like you said, nobody likes to hear forgiveness, salvation and judgement spoken of in the same context.

    It does burden me that so many Christians out there refuse to recognise that because of God’s incredible love, discipline and trials and tribulations are absolutely necessary. As you said, the way of the cross has to be our way too, but too many of us are clinging to self too much to see that and accept it.

    With regards to the transcript of that prophetic word, I believe you may find it on the same link to Streams Ministries where the prophetic message is. Have a look and if you don’t find it on that website, I will investigate a bit more for you. John Paul pointed me to that link, so I am sure he will let me know whether there is a transcript. From memory, I seem to recall having read a shorter version of that same prophetic message on the Streams Ministries website.

    Take care and God bless you.


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