Just ONE touch from THE KING changes EVERYTHING!

Over the last couple of years I feel God has gently, carefully and very clearly guided me to come to know the ministry and works of John Paul Jackson.  For more than a quarter of a century, John Paul Jackson has served as an advisor, mentor, teacher, pastor, and friend to spiritual leaders and students around the world. Multiple international church authorities from all denominations have sought John Paul’s counsel. He has met with spiritual leaders in more than twenty countries, including the U.S., England, Scotland, Israel, Russia, Poland, Korea, and the Ukraine .

 In 1993 John Paul founded Streams Ministries International, a nonprofit ministry organization with a multi-disciplinary approach to help others fulfill the purpose for which they were created. Streams Institute for Spiritual Development, Streams Publishing House, Streams Music Group, Streams Internship Program, InterpretMyDream.com, Pinnacle Prayer Convergence International, and the Association of Bridge Churches have all blossomed out of John Paul’s recognition for God’s people to impact the world outside Church walls with God’s power, revelation, innovation, and sovereignty.

My spiritual life took a new direction after having completed the Streams Ministries course called “The Art of Hearing God”, and my faith has been strengthened as the Lord has confirmed to me through this course that all his children have the capacity to hear from Him and to get to know Him intimately, with no need for middle-men, or “chosen ones” who have special direct access to our Heavenly Father.  Jesus paid the price to bring us back into relationship with the Father and all those who are willing to surrender their self and will to Him, have direct access to the Father, if they follow His Ways and not their own.

Getting to hear about John Paul Jackson and his ministry started with a dream I had back in the summer of 2007, where I saw myself leaning on the back of a spiritual being who had wings.  I could not see His face or appearance, but as I leaned on it, I felt this being carried a deep sense of authority and trust, which instantly took all my fear away as we prepared to take flight.  As we took off, I saw us following a majestic bald eagle round some monumental cliff edges, rivers and rock faces.  I remember the awe and happiness I felt, as I conquered the world and felt immense power and control, as on eagle’s wings.  Then, a new scene takes place in the dream where I see myself and my family at a water park going down the most exhilaratingly high and twisted water slides.  This is something which I could never do in real life, as I have a fear of heights and I struggle to breath properly when I go down a slide, lift or vehicle at great speed.  There was no sense of fear, dread or anxiety in the dream, however, but a very real sense of joy as I had conquered some great obstacles in my life and was now able to do things I never thought I could do.

This dream had a tremendous impact on my life.   Because of the scripture in Isaiah 40: 30-31

30 Even youths shall faint and be weary,
and young men shall fall exhausted;
31 but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint.

which various Christian friends felt had special relevance in my spiritual journey, I knew there was great significance in the content of that dream.  Months after I had it, my family and I travelled to Canada on holiday, and there, we had various sightings of bald eagles, and all the glorious landscapes I had previously dreamt off.  I cannot begin to transmit to you how I felt as the dream and reality were starting to merge into one same thing, one same purpose and plan for my life.

Here is what I wrote on my spiritual journal a few months after our trip to Canada:

“I can’t believe I have not written anything for 7 months.  Since coming back from Canada, I feel a step closer to fully trusting in God and His plan for me.  The image of the bald eagle has been following me around in Scripture, pictures, dreams, and sightings.  Looking up on the Internet the term “Dreams and Visions”, I found a girl’s testimony of her amazing prophetic insights through dreams and very vivid visions.  But the message of it all came through loud and clear through a comment at the end of her testimony by someone called Andrew Maroney from Streams Ministries.  He advises her to get proper training in the prophetic ,and to protect herself from the Enemy by avoiding her gifting turning into spiritual pride.  I felt Andrew’s words were speaking to me too, so not having ever heard about Streams Ministries, I looked it up on google, and I soon discovered that I had already recently come across that same website but had not taken much notice.  This time, I knew I had come to the same place for a reason, and as I started to pay attention, I realised God’s persistence and continuous guidance is just amazing.  As I looked through some of Streams’ courses, I was drawned to one called “Advanced Prophetic Ministry”.  As I clicked on it, the picture of the bald eagle popped up once more.  This together with my recent dream of flying on what I now believe was the Lord’s back, and the mention by a very close friend of that same scripture in Isaiah 40: 30-31, and many more mentions of eagles and the notion of flying, in my daily living, all point to me being ready to embark on this amazing journey of discovery and intimacy with God.”

Well, if you knew who I was before all this, there would be no doubt in your mind that God has indeed touched my life and by His grace and mercy, I have been able to enter into this wonderful adventure of self-discovery and deeper intimacy with Him.  As I continue to explore who He is through his Holy Word and prayer, I endeavour to share with you the highs and the lows of this fascinating and sometimes scary and desolate  journey.  My mum asked me this Christmas whether I did not mind sharing my most intimate thoughts and reflections with the rest of the world, and I told her that I felt absolutely driven to do so.  The truth is that I also feel in my heart that desperate times, call for desperate measures, and whilst I would have never considered letting my most personal thoughts be read all round the world in the past, I now sense there is too much at stake, and in the times we are living in, there is no place for self-consciousness, shyness or being over protective.  For all those who believe Jesus is the Saviour of the World and Humankind, this is the time to speak up; this is the time to sing in unison the praises of our one True God; this is the time to share the light we carry within, in a world which is suffocated by darkness in every corner, at every turn.

The reason I needed to tell you about how I came to know of John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries, is because through his website, I have in the last couple of days come to hear John Paul’s latest prophetic broadcast to the American Nation, which also has implications and consequences for the rest of the world.  I would encourage you to hear his message and give it prayerful consideration and meditation.  Test his word and judge for yourself whether there is truth in what he says is yet to come to America and the rest of the world.  Whilst I don’t know whether all these things he predicts will come to pass or not (the daily news seem to provide clear evidence that some of it has already come to pass), whether man’s repentance can help avert them and be granted God’s mercy, I trust that John Paul is right in saying that God is bringing judgement on the world, as we insist on living according to our selfish desires and not His Ways and Precepts.

Please go to this link to hear John Paul’s Prophetic message: http://www.streamsministries.com/index.php?page=videos, and feel free to leave a comment on my blog, if you wish to do so.

I pray that those whose heart is currently far from the Lord, get to hear John Paul’s message, take heed and change their ways so that much suffering, pain and misery can be averted.  I pray that if God chooses to bring all these things to pass, mankind does as a result, humble itself and draw nearer to Him, so that God’s merciful hand can rest once more upon all those nations which have lost their way and followed the prince of Darkness instead of the Kinf of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega.

Blessings to you all!

 31 (30 kb)

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  1. I love the scripture in the video and it is refreshing to hear the truth of our circumstance being confessed. I’m afraid many of our brethren do not want to see the truth and I am hungry for the assembly of believers to gather and repent and fast and call upon the Lord our God to show His mercy to us. May truth reign in the Lord Jesus Christ and may our stone cold hearts be made into flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God!

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